Abdominal Pain in Baby

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  1. Aleksandra Sostar says:

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  3. Jacky says:

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  6. Jana says:

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  7. Floweryy5 says:

    Ohhh no Vic seemed to have abdominal pain at airport this morning, she hugged her stomach most the time since she was in Guangzhou

  8. JustT0069 says:

    I had terrible abdominal pain so went to the doctor who admitted me. They suspected it was my appendix bu…

  9. joniabdon says:

    Chest pain, dyspnea, severe abdominal pain with ( ) Murphy’s sign, bipedal edema, with the classic sore throat, fev…

  10. lankelangley says:

    _Screw Pressure sores likely can put a fist in, chronic care inflicted dislocate…

  11. jim_crawfurd says:

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  12. dr78pt says:

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  13. koinonia_eni says:

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  14. courtconducts says:

    Living my best life and ready to die from intense abdominal pain in the next 3-6 hours

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