Abdominal Pain in Baby

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  1. Aleksandra Sostar says:

    A good artical and edifying information.

  2. Jo says:

    Interesting article, great reas

  3. Jacky says:

    A very detailed and informative piece of article. Good read.

  4. Pajik says:

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  5. Michelangelo says:


  6. Jana says:

    That was an interesting article. I’m happy I found this page. Thanks!

  7. Floweryy5 says:

    Ohhh no Vic seemed to have abdominal pain at airport this morning, she hugged her stomach most the time since she was in Guangzhou

  8. JustT0069 says:

    I had terrible abdominal pain so went to the doctor who admitted me. They suspected it was my appendix bu…

  9. joniabdon says:

    Chest pain, dyspnea, severe abdominal pain with ( ) Murphy’s sign, bipedal edema, with the classic sore throat, fev…

  10. lankelangley says:

    _Screw Pressure sores likely can put a fist in, chronic care inflicted dislocate…

  11. jim_crawfurd says:

    Thanks Jo. So much we can learn from when we don’t get it right, a…

  12. dr78pt says:

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  13. koinonia_eni says:

    Pain in the abdominal region is healed right now!

  14. courtconducts says:

    Living my best life and ready to die from intense abdominal pain in the next 3-6 hours

  15. Kelli says:

    I made this mistake..too much buffalo chicken dip at our super bowl party! Poor little guy paid for it the next couple bottles! Sorry dude! Thanks for the article!

  16. me says:

    it’s so bad when the little ones have pain so it is very helpful to know some methods to help them getting better. Thank you.

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