allergies and ways of prevention

When it comes to , spring is always coming to mind, although in autumn, such disorders can be found frequently. Due to some risk factors, people with allergic body may not be able to go out in the autumn. However, the measures to be taken and the treatment methods help people to overcome this process comfortably. In this article we give information about .

20 suggestions for protection against allergic disturbances

To strengthen the body resistance to fish, milk, eggs, red and white meat, such as protein-rich foods should be consumed.

– In addition to the protein group, do not neglect the calcium-weighted foods such as green leafy seasonal vegetables, milk and yogurt.

– Keep as far away from frozen food as possible

– Consume fruit and vegetables suitable for the season

allergies prevention

– Take probiotic, vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen the immune system

– Try to sleep for at least 6-7 hours per day
– Take advantage of the fresh air and sun in the open air during the day
– Sports at least 5 days a week. Prefer to swim especially for allergic people
– In the autumn, choose the suitable clothing for the weather conditions.
– Be careful not to go out early in the morning when the pollen is the busiest.
– Do not ventilate your house early in the morning.
– Use pollen filter air conditioner instead of ventilating the glass. If air conditioner is not available, use air cleaners with pollen filter.
– Avoid activities such as mowing and wear a mask if such activity is to be done.
Always change your clothes when you come home from outside.

– Avoid drying clothes outdoors.  – When going to picnic areas where there are plenty of sticks and grass, take care to wear a mask.

– Choose more humid environments or high altitude locations for your vacation.

 -Take a bath every day for the pollens accumulated in the hair.

 – Avoid opening the windows of your car when going to work early in the morning.

 – Use glasses and a hat outside, and wash your glasses under running water every day to remove pollens.

Need to take maximum advantage of the sun

Factors such as the transition from summer to autumn and heat exchange are of great importance. Because in autumn, with the winter preparation in nature, bodily changes occur in humans. Therefore, the process of harmonization between man and nature begins. After the time spent in the open air in the summer, the autumn begins and the air suddenly begins to cool down to the closed environment begins to return.

Therefore, it is very important to benefit from the beneficial effects of the sun in autumn. May cause depression Even though the season is autumn, spending time outside helps to benefit from the sun as well as to help protect against seasonal depression. Because some hormones, this season with the decrease of the sun is more secreted. This puts the person in a more depressed mood. However, people with respiratory tract allergies in this period should protect themselves against environmental factors.

Environmental factors that trigger allergies

The main allergens that trigger the emergence of allergic reactions in autumn are house dust mites. Another reason is the moisture factor. Rains in the rain, especially in the humid environment of spilled leaves to lead to the emergence of mold fungus spores. Since these fungi spread by the wind, being outdoors may increase the complaints of people with mold fungus allergies. Another important allergen that triggers allergic reactions is the weeds. Starting from mid-August to late November, the pollen is spreading from the weeds, mold fungus spores that increase with rainfall and house dust mites in the indoor environment meet with environmental factors and trigger upper respiratory allergies and asthma.

Watch out for these symptoms! • Itching and watering in the eyes

• Nasal congestion

• Excessive nasal or postnasal discharge

• Itching or stinging in the throat •

Dry cough • Chronic fatigue

• Shortness of breath

• chronic cough with or without extension

• A wheezing or whistling sound in the chest

• Full feeling of itching in the front of the chest The first thing to do in allergy treatment is protection

The first thing to do in allergy treatment is protection In autumn, respiratory tract allergies are triggered by the cooling of air, sudden temperature changes, increased air pollution and virus infections that can cause epidemics. People with allergies should be very careful during this period and especially those with respiratory allergies should protect themselves against environmental factors. First of all, the cause of the allergy should be found, in the period when the pollen is intense, keep the windows closed, ventilation in the house

systems and air filters should be used as long as possible between 10:00 and 16:00, where pollen is intense, shower should be taken out of the house from outside, all clothes should be changed, pollen should not be sported where there are many, mouth and nose protection mask should be used. Asthma patients at risk In this period, infections are much more prominent. Because the heat exchange in the air facilitates the emergence of viral and bacterial infections.

People with asthma and respiratory allergies should pay more attention to respiratory infections than people with no allergies. Because these people may be easier to catch flu. Influenza triggers existing allergies, and the body’s defense system is reduced as the person has to combat both flu and allergy. The weakening of the defense system may lead to later healing of the disease and more drug use, and may lead to loss of life if it becomes chronic.

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