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Allergy is a common disease in infants. Information on baby allergy and treatment modalities are available. it has Spring articles. Babies and children are sensitive. Sometimes they do not accept the food they eat. Babies often  sick, one of the causes of these diseases can be allergies. In this category of our web site, articles on allergies were created. Babies are our future. Baby health is very important for our future.

If the baby and the child are allergic, they should calmly analyze the situation and seek medical advice. It is very important for people who are prone to algebraic reactions to take care to protect themselves from these symptoms. Since babies and children cannot protect themselves, parents have to keep this under control as of pregnancy.

Some babies may have allergies to animals. If you think your baby has allergy syndrome, you can find out if you are allergic to an allergy test.

children with cows milk allergy are at risk fo 17

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