Babies head shapes: When to worry ?

One of the most important problems in newborn babies is the head shapes disorder when to worry?. Especially flat head syndrome is one of the most common disorders in children. In infants placed in the same position or on their back continuously, flattening may begin at the back of the head. You may be concerned about your baby’s head shape . Head shapes may change when babies are born and after birth. And this problem may upset you.


Generally, premature babies may have trapezoidal or flat head shapes. Flat head syndrome in the baby unfortunately does not improve unless diagnosed and treated early. The fastest developing and growing part of the human body is the head. This growth begins in the period before birth and continues in the first months after birth. While the baby’s head is 1/4 of the body at birth, this rate changes as the baby’s body begins to grow. In adulthood, the ratio of head to body is 1/8. The size of the head is directly proportional to the way the brain and skull bones grow. Head circumference in newborn babies is between 12-15 inch.

babies head shapes when to worry

How long does it take for a baby’s head to round?

The head of the unborn baby develops rapidly with the other organs and when the time of birth comes, the baby’s body and skeletal system are completely formed. The only exception is the skull bones. The skull bones of the baby remain highly flexible until a few days after birth so that the mother can easily pass through the pelvic bones (birth canal), and then harden and become final. Therefore, it is possible to see that many babies are not fully rounded after birth.

The bones of the skull harden completely within 12-18 months and the head of the babies takes the normal shape during this process.

How to treatment ?

The shape of the baby’s head may be flattened in infants lying on their back. From time to time, turning the baby to sideways prevents this situation. In some babies, only one direction (right or left) rotation may be rejected. This may result in curvature of the head. In this case, you can stimulate your return by placing sound or colored toys in the area where it does not turn.

In the past, mothers would lay their babies on their side to shape their heads and put a pillow behind the back so that the baby could not turn over. Nowadays, there are a lot of head styling products, pillows, beds ..

Your baby’s head shape may be flat due to birth or lying positions. Babies’ head shapes can upset their mothers, but when to worry. If the baby’s age is one or more, the head shape does not change, so some mothers may worry about their baby’s head shape. When the skull development is completed, the shape of the head of the babies does not change.  In fact, head shapes are not seen as much as babies grow and their hair increases (flattened head). If the diseases caused by the head shapes are not present in your baby, do not think about this problem very much and try to have a fun time with your baby. As it grows, you will understand that there is a small problem.


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  1. Eulogy Rizo says:

    Great article on head shapes. I was talking about this with my sister. Both of our babies were delivered through cesarean but her boys head is not round like my girls. I told her it’s from leaving him on his back repeatedly.She thinks its genetic.

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