Be aware about the breast cancer symptoms

Be aware about the breast cancer symptoms;

Breast cancer can be cured

Cancer! The name itself is so dreadful. Nobody would ever like to suffer from this health issue. Most of the time cancer can be cured when caught in the initial stages. But it happens rarely and in most of the cases diagnosis is done in the advance stage of cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death amongst women. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge about the early warning signs of breast cancer. Till date not all women are aware about these signs and shows a cold expression when it comes to the regular health checkup which is important especially if a woman is close to her menopause.

Breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer may turn out as the horrifying disease but if it is diagnose at early stage then the rate of survival increases. It is a curable disease if find out at the primary stage. Since this is the common type of cancer in women, you need to know about the warning symptoms of breast cancer. This will be of great help in treating the diseases for long term benefits. Following are the warning signs of breast cancer you need to look for

  • You may notice a change in the size or shape of breast.
  • A lump or thickening of breast muscles can be experienced.
  • Brest feels warm on touching.
  • The nipples get inverted or gets sunken in the breast.
  • The shape of the nipple becomes irregular.
  • You may also see rash on the nipples.
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  • A bloody or watery discharge can be seen from the nipples.
  • The skin of the breast looks like skin of an orange.
  • Breast becomes swollen, scaly or red in color.
  • Painful breast.

The above are the warning symptoms of breast cancer. It is must to see a doctor if you experience any one of them. Ignorance to this issue might make you pay higher in future. Even if you are healthy and not showing any symptoms of breast cancer then also regular checkup should be done. In some cases breast cancer hide itself showing no signs at all. Therefore it is beneficial to find out breast cancer in the early stage and eradicate it from your life.

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  1. theskindoctor13 says:

    RafaleDeal is complex subject. Most people aren’t aware about the actual issue. I’ve explained it in simpler terms…

  2. kathleen forrest says:

    After a breast scan last year I was advised i had a tumor on my right breast, I had it removed in May and it was not malignant at that time. I am fine now but will have scans every year for the next 5 years.

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