How to make the best baby massage

Massage; it is the transformation of communication between mother, father and child into art. Your child’s skin is the largest door opening to an unrestricted world that perceives alerts and messages.  If you want to learn the benefits of baby massage you can learn by massaging your baby. The most advanced sense of your baby from birth is a sense of touch. you can find answers to How to make the best baby massage in this article.  The best way to improve your baby’s sense of touch is to massage it. Babies discover by touching everything. The only language they understand is to touch the language.

You need to get to know your baby better and massage him so that you can have a loving, beautiful relationship with him. Massage is the most natural way to touch your baby. In mothers’ hands and nipples; Oxytocin hormone called happiness hormone. This hormone is the mother and child closest to each other; during breastfeeding the mother’s nipples and the mother’s hands during the massage is passed to the child. It allows the child to relax and feel good.

Benefits Of Baby Massage

The benefits of baby massage for your child are too many to count. Here are a few of them:

About The Best Baby Massage 

Accelerates blood flow to tissues and increases oxygenation of tissues.We’d love to have the best baby massage. The tissues are better fed. As a result, your baby’s development accelerates. Accelerates the gas output by increasing intestinal movements. Prevents constipation. By stimulating the nerves in the stomach (Vagus nerve) facilitates digestion, increases bowel movements, provides better development of the child. Regulates heart rate. By regulating brain activity, it allows your child to have a peaceful infancy. Prevents gas and colic pains, deepens sleep.  Mothers who massage their babies knows benefits of baby massage.

The muscle, the nerve, the skeletal fit of the sitting, walking, helps to get the crawling earlier. Since it regulates lymph flow, it removes contaminants from the body. This strengthens your child’s immune system. Helps newborn jaundice pass more quickly. It increases the secretion of endorphin hormone which is a natural painkiller and helps to reduce abdominal, ear, throat, tooth pain and post-vaccination pain.  It provides a positive effect on breastfeeding and enables the child to take the mother’s breast for longer.

İnfants Baby Massage Techniques

The sensual contact between the mother and the baby increases the prolactin and helps to increase the breast milk. Increases your mother’s breastfeeding ability. Suction, search, retention, capture reflexes provides better development. Improves the baby’s sense of touch and makes him feel safe.It strengthens the mother-infant relationship by positively affecting the attachment process between mother and baby. The benefits of baby massage are many.

 Tension, anxiety and fear in your baby by reducing the calm and comfortable to spend a childhood. Your baby is calm and calms you, this positive effect is reflected in the whole family. It helps mother to develop a sense of motherhood in a short time. Prevents postpartum depression in mothers. Fathers massage their baby also provides spiritual relaxation. It allows him / her to communicate better with his / her child and develop a special bond between father and child.


Before the massage, you should prepare an environment where your baby will not be disturbed. You must turn the mobile phone off or mute it. .You should make sure that there is no airflow in the massage environment. If you have pets in the house, you should put them in another room and make sure that they do not leave the room. In order not to cause invisible accidents, you should make sure that hot and cold drinks are not in the massage environment. You should keep the materials to be used at hand. 

Massage towel, lower opening cover, massage oil, softening cream, after the clothing to wear clothes with you should check again.  You should adjust the room temperature slightly by 25-26 degrees.  The baby is not hungry; In the period between 2 breastfeeding, it is best to massage between 1.5-2 hours after breastfeeding.

baby massage for colic

After a warm bath at the hottest hour of the day, it is best to have a nice massage and then a comfortable and quality sleep for your child. Cool a soft towel under your child. Adjust your hands to the appropriate temperature.   You can use a relaxing light music or CD. You should pay attention to the timing.

Shorten your fingernails long. Remove any items such as rings, bracelets and imprint on your hands and arms. Be directly opposite your baby and begin eye contact with her. During the massage, you should talk to your baby in a loving voice, kissing her, caressing, making small games more enjoyable to massage.

During the massage, you should often whisper words of love and say,  I Love You Massage. After you lubricate your hands, you should start to massage with gentle touches. As your baby gets used to it, you can slightly increase the pressure on your fingers compared to your baby. 


If you have any fever infectious disease If there is a problem in the muscles and joints If you use antibiotics due to infection 3 days after vaccination If there is any skin problem (skin infection, rash, eczema) In the case of moodiness, uneasiness Your child didn’t like massage, if he was restless and uneasy, you should have a massage.

Head – Face Baby Massage

Place both hands on both sides of your child’s face. Im Look, this is your face, I’m going to give her a massage now,  you say. From the center of the forehead towards the temples, press forward with both hands to the front of the ear. Move from the nose to the temples, from the tip of the nose to the temples, from the lower lip to the temples. Repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

Proceed by pressing at the same time with both hands from the eye to the temples, from there to the ears. Move from the edge of the nose to the temples, from there to the ears at the same time with both hands. Move from the tip of the nose to the temples, from there to the ears at the same time with both hands.

Smile Maneuver:

Use the thumb of both hands to move from the lower jaw towards the temples. You will see your child take a smile. Repeat the same movement in the opposite direction. Move from top to bottom, from bottom to top, by pressing in a circular motion. Repeat all movements 3 times.


Put your hands in the middle of the chest. Look at your child’s face with a smile. Say, “Look, this is your chest, now I’m going to give him a massage.” Book turning maneuver: Place both palms on the baby’s chest. Move right-to-left, left-to-right circular movements, as you flip the book. Then repeat the same movements from the shoulder to the chest. Crossover Maneuver: Put the hands in the middle of the chest. Move with the right hand to the left shoulder or under the armpit, with the left hand on the right shoulder or under the armpit. Repeat all movements 3 times.  

Arm leg Baby Massage 

Place your hands on both arms of your baby. Look at your child’s face with a smile. Say, in Look, these are your arms, now I’m going to give him a massage. “ Lift your baby’s arm. While holding his hand with one hand, move by pressing in circular motion from the shoulder to the hands. Then repeat the same movements from the hands to the shoulder. From the armpit to the wrists, from the wrists under the seat rubbing.

The Best Burma Maneuver:

A hand out from the shoulder to the wrist and the other hand in. Rubbing Maneuver: Your baby’s back, palms, each finger is rubbed with tiny circular movements to massage. Place your baby’s arm between your two hands. Massage by moving back and forth, from top to bottom, from top to bottom. Repeat all movements 3 times. Repeat for the same movements leg.

Heel Baby Massage

Move from the heel to the tip of the toes at the foot and feet by pressing in the form of plasters or by circular movements. Proceed with small prints under your toes. Move from each finger to the heel, from the heel to the finger,Repeat all movements 3 times.

Abdominal Massage for Baby  (very important)

Abdominal massage: accelerates bowel movements. Makes digestion easier. Prevents constipation. Removes gas pain and colic pain.Colic is the most useful massage for babies. Put your hands on your child’s stomach.Look at your child’s face with a smile. Say, “Look, this is your wife, now I’m going to give her a massage.”

Sand Pull Maneuver:

Place your hands in the stomach area just below the chest by making a dome. With your both hands pulling towards you, pull your belly up as if pulling in the sand. Repeat this movement in the entire abdominal region starting from the stomach.
Sun-Moon Maneuver: Left hand is placed at 11:00. From here it is moved to draw a full circle around the abdomen. The right hand draws a half circle from 11:00 to 17:00. This movement is repeated 3-5 times according to the child’s condition.

Execution Maneuver:

2-3 fingers of your hand are moved up, left and down from the lower right of the abdomen. You feel the gas bubbles are breaking down under the finger.
I Love You (I.L.Y) Maneuver: Make a top-down I on the left side of the abdomen with your right hand. Then make an upside-down L-L from the top to the top of the abdomen, then from the right to the bottom with the right hand, from the bottom right to the top, left and down to the opposite U. This massage will accelerate the operation of her intestines and will make her feel better.

Knee-Abdominal Maneuver:

The baby’s knees are twisted and moved towards the abdomen and the abdomen is pressed. Wait 10 seconds. It is reinstated. This maneuver opens the anus to facilitate your baby’s gas and stool removal.

Back Baby  Massage 

Do the last massage. If you follow this rhythm, your child will understand that after this massage, the massage procedure will end.

Lay your baby face down.
Put your hands on your child’s back. Say, “Look, this is your back, now I’m going to give him a massage.”
Maneuver: Use your hands to move along the spine from the neck to the hips and from the hips to the neck, pushing it in the form of strokes.

Circle Baby Maneuver:

Hands are pressed by pressing in small circular movements at different points of the back.
Proceed by pressing the middle and middle fingers of both hands from the neck to the tail, from the coccyx to the neck, with circular motions along both sides of the spine.

With both the hand and the middle finger of your hands, move from the spine to the underarm, with small circular movements to the sides. Repeat the same movement in the opposite direction.Repeat all movements 3 times. It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep all these movements in mind.  The important thing is to touch your child.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid to tap. Your child is more resistant than you think. You can choose your own massage with your child. Play with him if none of them can. The best way to relax him is the game. You read an article  about Benefits Of Baby Massage.

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