Blockage of the Esophagus

Blockage of  the Esophagus in infants is a congenital anomaly seen in an average of 2500-3000. In the ultrasonography performed to the mother during pregnancy. The inability of the baby’s stomach pocket to be seen and the increase in the amniotic fluid is a reason to suspect this disease.

The definitive diagnosis is revealed after the baby is born. These babies cannot swallow their saliva and remove it from their mouths due to plugged esophagus. After feeding, symptoms such as vomiting, bruising, cough and respiratory distress occur. In the examinations carried out after the delivery of the baby, if there is a problem Blockage of the Esophagus , the majority of these babies can regain their health without any problems after the necessary pre-treatments.

Surgical treatment of a duodenal obstruction

Duodenal obstruction is defined as the obstruction of a portion of the duodenum, which is the part after the stomach. This congenital problem is seen as an average of 5 to 10 thousand. It may also occur as a part of health problems caused by various chromosomal defects, especially Down’s syndrome. The definitive diagnosis is determined after the baby is born. Infants with obstructed duodenum suffer from feeding difficulties and usually begin to vomit within the first 24 hours after birth. Infants who are born in time, have normal chromosomes and who do not have an additional congenital problem have been given successful results after surgery.

Nourishment and vomiting may be a sign of small bowel obstruction

The sections after the duodenum continue as thin and large intestine, respectively. Congenital blockages can be seen anywhere in the small intestine. This probability is 1 in 1000 live births. Infants suffer from nourishment after birth, just as with other digestive system obstructions and in these cases vomiting is the most important symptom. In addition, infants with small intestine clogged may not be able to remove the stool. The majority of these babies live their lives without any problem.

Babies with closed anus are recovering from surgery

Approximately 2500-5000 babies from all over the world are born with anus closed. Depending on the birth rate in Turkey from 200 to 300 of all live born infants are born each year in the anus closed. While this problem carries a vital risk for infants in the past years. these babies have more chance to survive with single or progressive surgeries.
Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments save the baby’s life

An important part of the success of the digestive system is the early diagnosis and the operation of the baby under appropriate conditions. If the digestive system problem is suspected in the prenatal period, it should be ensured that the delivery is done.Thus, the problems that can arise from the birth of a suitable center will be prevented.

An important part of congenital digestive system problems can occur with ultrasonography performed during pregnancy. With the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, appropriate surgeries increase the chances of babies to live in a healthy way.

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