Can a baby see at 3 months – How to improve visual perception ?

We would like to know when our baby will recognize us and when he will discover his surroundings. Can a baby see at 3 months? In this article you will find answers to your questions! After the first month of the baby’s vision will begin to develop rapidly. When he is 2-3 months old, he can turn his two eyes in to see a nearby object. This movement is called convergence. In this way, the baby’s hands can begin to see more. You’re going to see that your baby’s often examining his hands when he’s 3 months old.

The baby can now see more distant objects more clearly and can turn both eyes outwards. This movement is called divergence. As you develop this ability, you can see from where you lie or follow a rotating object.

3 month old babies want to touch colored objects. The reason is that they can see better

can a baby see at 3 months

How far can a baby see at 3 months?

Of course when the baby is born he sees it! But when the baby is born, it is slightly nearsighted, but they can see a distance of 20-30 cm. It is very interesting that this is exactly the distance you can see when you are holding your baby and breastfeeding. So since he’s always close to his baby, he will only see you, so that he can easily recognize his face.

Babies can watch colorful, vivid bright and large objects.  they can distinguish and follow remarkable colors or shapes in the horizontal position. They  can detect bright or large items of remarkable color for 3-6 months. infants begin to see and differentiate from a distance of 6-10 months but smaller objects.

As the nerves in infants are not fully developed, they cannot do many things like adults. These nerves develop until the age of 7-9. At this age, however, they begin to see and act easily as an adult. Up to 6 months before this, it passes through many periods and rapidly improves vision. However, in the period up to 6 months, babies can only see those who are in the first place and in the vicinity, but in the following months they can only watch what is left next to them by moving their heads. During this period they start to watch someone walking. They follow it with their eyes.

The sense of sight is different from other senses. It does not develop spontaneously. It develops in other senses. Vision develops with the stimulation and development of the visual center cells in the brain along with the stimuli around it.

recommendations to improve visual perception:

  • Always keep your visual contact alive, make your voice follow you in the room.
  • Attract some toys using their sounds.
  • Hang a few safe toys on your bed simple but fun.
  • When you sleep at night, turn on the night light slightly, and if they wake up, they are open to visual stimuli.
  • Especially when you are on your back, take care, play, motivate him to take care of you in every position and look at you and have fun.

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