Cerebral Palsy Causes in Children

When we talk about cerebral palsy and we try to identify the causes of its condition in many cases they do not seem to be obvious. However some children with cerebral palsy have been exposed in the uterine or post-natal period to some kind of violent exterior factor. Some may have experience radiation or infection problems while they were not even born. For others they may have been asphyxiated before birth and their brain seemed to lack oxygen. Cerebral palsy in children can be installed even in the after birth period or somewhere in the childhood when some serious complications affect the lives of the kids.

It is alleged that multiple births may cause such a condition. When we talk about children with cerebral palsy, a high risk is represented by the twin pregnancies. In the case of the death of one of the twins in the beginning of the pregnancy, the joint circulation that occurs when sharing the placenta will cause the living twin to have a possibility of developing a cerebral palsy.

Another cause of cerebral palsy in children is the premature birth. It is said that almost a half of the children affected with CP were born sooner than they were to. In such a condition, the babies’ bodies are really frail and their organs may not have been developed to their full. In this way the brain may have problems with oxygenation. The children with cerebral palsy who were born prematurely may have suffered prenatal damage to the brain that has even caused such a swift birth.

Cerebral Palsy Causes in Children

It is also good to know that the infections that happen to the mother during pregnancy may have a significant role. Some of these infections cannot be detected with ease and they remain hidden for a while. An effect of these infections is the fact that the child has a greater risk of developing CP.

The level of toxicity in the brain of the foetus will increase and it will swell as a result of that. At risk are the same to develop cerebral palsy in children who had a low weight at birth. Low weight means less than two kilos. Both premature and full term babies may suffer from low weight. If the mother has had prior births it is more likely for the infants to suffer from low weight or even have a premature birth.

But not only birth may cause CP. After the child is born there are several factors that may facilitate the outburst of the condition. The exposure to toxins or lead poisoning can trigger the condition. Also situations when the brain is damaged or lack oxygen such as near drowning experiences or meningitis, may lead to really unpleasant consequences.
In order to prevent asphyxia of any kind, the kids must be protected from ingesting small toys or pieces of food. Also we have to put all the toxic substances and products far away from their reach. While taking a bath we have to pay close attention to the infants so that they do not drown.

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