Why are children sick all the time

Most parent of pre-school children are familiar with the frustrating feeling that their child is sick ALL THE TIME. Going to school or play-group puts a lot of pressure on a child’s immune system. Toys, hands, furniture and shared ablution blocks are perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of viruses and bacterias.The up-side of this is that a child develops a stronger immune system during this grueling process of fighting infections. It is estimated that a child can have between 12 to 14 infections during his or her first year in pre-school. Infections like Upper respiratory, Colds and Flue, Gastroenteritis, Pink Eyes and Throat and Ear infections are the main culprits.

Causes of illness

The bigger the school or play group a child attends the bigger the risk of infection. More children, more germs. Even children who stay at home with mom or a care-taker are exposed to germs via older siblings. Outings to shops with contaminated trolleys or restrooms can pose a threat.

How children will heal

It is quite normal for a child to have an infection every few months while their immune system is also “growing up” – so to speak. Before birth a mother passes Gamma-Globulin on to her baby. This gives him or her a natural immunity against most diseases. From 6 months of age the Gamma-Globulin starts depleting. By the time a child turns one year old he is “on his own” so to speak. He becomes susceptible to every disease that comes his way. Immunity is built up over time through exposure to different germs. The immune system builds up a memory bank and as the child gets older he becomes less susceptible to certain germs.



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