How To Clear Nasal Congestion In Infants

First of all, the nose is easy to dry and clogged, and we do not have the ability to blow up like adults, that is, creating positive pressure in the nose and throwing nasal secretions out.

The key to preventing and treating nasal obstruction in infants is to keep the nose constantly open. Dampening your baby’s nose 3-5 times a day with drops of saline or sea water called serum physiological will help to keep your baby more comfortable and to sleep more peacefully, especially if this process is done before sucking and sleeping time. It is an application that cleanses the nasal secretions and cleanses, relaxes and even accelerates healing.

Use serum physiologic: first take physiological saline in 100 ml packages from your pharmacy and pull with the help of an injector. Then gently spray 2-3 milliliters of saline into each nostril. The baby will sneeze and remove some of them, gently wipe them out.

Do your own serum physiology yourself. What we call physiological serum is obtained by adding 9 grams of salt into one liter of water as I mentioned in my article. Saltwater is a home remedy known for centuries, which is useful for nasal congestion. Add a tea spoon salt into a glass of boiled-distilled water with a more practical recipe. It’s one of the cheapest and sure ways to get rid of your nasal obstruction. If necessary, repeat saline with saline physiology before each feeding and sleep. When opening nasal congestion in small infants, we should try to gently squeeze saline, ocean water or salt water into the baby’s nose. Otherwise the nose mucus will be irritated as the baby nose is very susceptible to damage.

Have a bath: all mucus and secretions blocking your baby’s upper respiratory tract will flow with the help of hot water in the bathroom.

Humidify the chamber: In case of very low humidity, the small hairs in the nose, which we call the silia which have the function of filtering harmful microorganisms and substances, are difficult to perform their functions. Continuous use of cold or hot steam machines is not suitable for obtaining moisture. Mammalia causes the reproduction of harmful organisms such as bacteria, molds and mites in the environment above normal. It is also important to note that the room temperature in winter does not exceed 24 degrees Celsius, because at higher temperatures the humidity can be further reduced to increase the drying.

Raise the bed head: I draw your attention, raise it lightly, I say; do not stand up and say baby do not roll down. Thus, secretions flow more easily and your baby sleeps comfortably.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeed frequently throughout the day, often offer fluid if you are receiving additional food.

Use nasal aspirator: If intense current is present, it will be helpful to drain saline in the nose after irrigation with physiological saline.

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