How To Stop Co Sleeping ?

What is co sleeping ? Sleeping baby with his mother and father is called cosleeping. Our child has grown up and even goes to school, so why is he still sleeping with us? How to stop co sleeping ? We don’t want to separate our baby from the moment he was born. As he runs we stress ourselves with the worry that he will get tired every moment. Mothers often forget that their sons have grown up and treat them like a baby. If you have raised your baby with co sleeping, he can ask you when he comes to sleep. For children This is a wrong behavior. This is usually the first mothers make mistakes. As long as they continue to treat them like a baby, they will gain confidence. Children already says : I want to sleep with you.  What should we do ?

How to stop co sleeping : Some experts say that the children who are sleeping with the mother and father (co sleeping ) are used to it. Moreover, they object to this situation by saying that it affects the parent’s sexual life negatively. Others favor natural parenting. In other words, sharing the bed with the family does not create an addiction, the child is ready to go to the room already argues. Experts argue that sleeping together is beneficial for the baby’s physical and emotional development, and the process is determined by the child and the family.

Why Does My Baby Sleep Better Next To Me?

Babies bond with their mothers and feel safe with their mothers. but do not sleep with your baby, no matter what. Don’t think that one day I’ll be lying next to my baby and not sleeping later. if you choose to co sleeping, you should also plan when and how to end it. Most families begin to cosleeping  together at an early age and hope that it will end by itself at a certain age. But years later, when you reach the age of 5, 7, 10 and even 12 years, there are children who cannot leave the parent’s bed. The parents are unhappy and the children are ashamed. These children feel different when compared to their peers. At this point, children want to leave more beds than their parents.

I Want To Sleep With You

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Your child should sleep in the bedroom when he is three years old. There must be three age limit. Children should fall asleep on their own. By increasing their capacity to soothe themselves, your child will be able to master his fears. This mastery and the independence gained by a single fall into sleep, will spread to other parts of his life and will contribute to the confidence in his own world.  Some children are afraid of being alone. While relieving with words, your child may fall asleep when you are with him before bedtime. What you did to pass your fears might not have been successful. Insisting on sleeping alone can also cause both of you to lose patience.

What Should We do for co sleeping ?

As children grow, their imagination expands, including their capacity to see potential threats. Children think of things that can come and get them. What if a thief breaks into the house? What if the thieves try to take it? This imagination can lead to increased awareness of their vulnerability. This makes sleep time when they feel vulnerable.A pre-sleep routine for the kittens can be relaxing for everyone. A pre-sleep routine of 20-30 minutes should provide a relaxing end of the day. Regularity gives children a sense of trust. Watch out for what your child is doing to feel comfortable during this time. You should have fun with him.

When performing the pre-sleep routine, pay attention to the tone of sound. You should create a warm and relaxing environment to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Helps your child develop positive relationships for bed and sleep. Talk about how beautiful the bed is, how warm and beautiful the blanket is, everything is right in your child’s room, and how happy the toy animals are. Creating positive relationships before going to bed will also strengthen her self-confidence so that she feels comfortable and safe.

Family bed are the safest way to sleep for children. They always want to sleeping with mom.  You can solve this problem without upsetting them.


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