Ear Cleaning in Children

Dear mothers and fathers; do not use ear cane, toothpick, matchstick or ear cotton to clean your child’s ear. As with all living things, your child’s ears also clean themselves. If you try to clean it from the outside, it prevents the body’s own cleaning function and causes earplugs called buccal.

Just as our eyes, our mouth, our nose is releasing a liquid to cleanse itself; In order to cleanse ourselves in our ears, they secrete a special liquid called a serum. Yellow, golden yellow, light brown, this liquid outer ear, dust, dirt, microbe and any foreign matter. This secretion is carried towards the auricle by the movements of the fine flickering hairs in the outer ear canal. If we try to clean this secretion with substances such as ear cannula, toothpick, match, ear cotton, we will push this secretion together with the foreign matter in the eardrum.

How Should I Clean My Kid’s Ear Wax

In the meantime, the movement of shaky hair trying to throw out the secretion for a while, even if we spoil. The body continues to secrete. However, as the shaky hairs do not work, the secretion accumulates in the external auditory canal. Even though shaky hairs begin to work, they are no longer able to expel the accumulated secretion. That is why the so-called buckon continues to accumulate in the outer ear canal. As a result, it can cause hearing loss by blocking the ear canal completely.

Sometimes, the external ear canal that can be seen from the outside of this accumulation (bushes) parents take up to take. They often push more deeply. They may also cause irritation, injury and bleeding in the external ear canal.

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Dear parents; Your child’s outer ear canal and yellow, golden yellow, yellow-colored liquid you see in the ear (Version-secretion) is a very valuable liquid that protects your child’s ears.

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