early puberty in girls

Early puberty is one of the most endocrine problems in the world in recent years and it has a greater impact on girls than boys. The appearance of gender symptoms in girls before the age of 8 years is defined as ortaya early adolescence. In this, along with family predisposition and some organic reasons, lifestyle plays an important role. Fast food type nutrition and inadequate sleep, such as obesity can be effective reasons. It is important for families to follow their children closely, and if they have symptoms of growth and pubescence before the age of 8.  They should apply to a specialist without delay told the causes of early puberty in children and made 8 important warnings.

Smoking should not be used during pregnancy and attention should be paid to weight gain

Causes of early puberty in children begin during pregnancy. Therefore, how mothers spend this process is very important for the future of their children. It is known that the mothers who smoke and use more than 14 kilos in the pregnancy process have obesity problems in the future. Early adolescence is more pronounced in girls than in boys. Healthy food should be introduced as soon as the baby is born Healthy nutrition in children is gaining importance from birth. Breastfeeding is the first 6 months after the baby is born.

Precocious Puberty

However, in the absence of breast milk, food should be consulted.

After 6 months, additional food-supported nutrition program should be started. In this process children; yoghurt, fruit purees, soups and meat should be fed with red meat to be given after 7 months. The fact that cow milk is given in babies in the early months should not be included in the dietary plan since it is a risk of diabetes. The child should have the habit of eating at the family table Carbohydrate-weighted and weight-taking foods.  Fast food-based foods considered as western-type foods, poor-fat unhealthy snacks, NMDA in the content of some substances due to weight gain.

When an uncontrolled child consumes these nutrients, they face obesity.

Leptin hormone secreted from adipose tissue stimulates adolescence. In other words, the child’s excess weight gain the premature puberty. Families’ lifestyle and eating habits are closely related to their children. The fact that the child has the habit of sitting by eating together with his family members has a significant impact on the future diet.

Early Puberty: Causes and Consequences

Children should be encouraged to play games

Immobility is an important danger for children as well as adults. Being away from physical activity also forms the basis of many diseases such as obesity in childhood. For this reason, children should not be allowed to watch TV until they are two years old and play more than two hours of computer or similar games. Instead, it is important that they are encouraged to play games and daily exercises. In the age of 6 years, there is a condition called engellen return of fat tissue ’and especially the weight gain should be prevented before this age. The immobile and stable life styles of children during the primary school period accelerate the process leading to early adolescence with excessive weight gain.

Increased appetite should be prevented with adequate sleep

It is known that children who sleep regularly and sleep enough have a healthier weight than their peers. Because sleep disorder affects the appetite mechanism of children and increases the eating tendency. If the child sleeps less than 8 hours per day, the risk of developing obesity is 1.82 times higher for a child who sleeps 10 hours per day. Children who don’t sleep snacks, watch TV, and cramp their appetite mechanisms. These snacks, in addition to carbonated beverages, fatty and carbohydrate foods, these foods with high calorie triggers weight gain and are an important cause of early puberty.

early puberty in girls

early puberty in girls

Families should follow their children carefully

Hair growth in the armpit and bikini area before 8 years of age is an important symptom of early puberty. Er Adrenarche ’, which is defined as the beginning of adolescence, and then the transition to adolescence should be closely monitored. Families should check with their children regularly and if they have hairiness, they should contact the endocrinologist immediately. Especially if there is a growth in the breasts before the age of 8 should not be missed. Genetic screening should be done if there is a family predisposition.  The problem of early puberty is caused by f actors who cannot be changed or changed.

The problem is defined as early adolescence due to organic causes when it is caused by some masses in the brain or the tumor or hypothalamus region called  connected problem”hamartom”. Genetic mutations are also a cause of adolescent adolescence and, in the case of family history, gene mutations should be investigated for prevention purposes. Early adolescence, in addition to non-modifiable factors; nutrition, inactivity and irregular sleep.

Measures should be taken against sa final height “risk if early adolescence In the case of early adolescence.   the age of the bone is also progressing and it is associated with the development of female estrogen, which is a female hormone, from the very early ages.

Estrogen hormone causes bone growth to accelerate. If the early adolescence is not intervened at this stage, the final aspect ratio, called Bu final length Bu, falls. In other words, children are shorter than their peers. Children who have been exposed to female hormone estrogen at a very early age are at increased risk of developing breast and uterine cancer in the future. For this reason, weight balancing and weight control in girls may pause early adolescence.

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