Educational games for 3 years

As your child grows, his wishes and needs increase. One of these needs is the game. Children need to improve their intelligence and play games to entertain. Because ; Do not leave her / her alone while your child is playing and Play with him so that the bond between you as the bond grows.If you don’t have time for educational games you should choose the toys that are sold as ready-to-play or puzzle like intelligence puzzles.

educational games for year olds

If you can not spend a lot of time in advance, so your child to play games that are organized by your child to play plenty of it. It doesn’t develop children’s intelligence with getting toys from the outside. You should teach how to play with the toy. It is much more important that you play with your games.

For example, tie small and colored balls on a rope, ask him which ones are yellow and ask him to pull out the balls so that he can have fun and learn as his self-confidence increases. 

Children 3 years old should be able to explain themselves and  If he has difficulty speaking, take lots of books and read to him and tell him stories.

educational games for 3 year olds

educational games for 3 year olds

educational games for toddlers

If your child loves animals, cut out animal figures from newspapers or magazines and ask them to remove animal sounds. Come on , where’s the cat? Questions like how the cat speaks. If you have a moving child, put intermittent objects on the carpet and ask them to run without touching them, or teach counting in another language by playing hide and seek.

If you give toilet training, take a favorite toy and let’s go to the toilet. Then try to teach with the game to gain hand washing habit.

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Children are very special and very intelligent. Each child has his own special abilities and the things he loves. Considering these, you can value the child and produce games with your partner.

Educatioal games for example ;

If you have two children, you can give them the chance of winning and losing by letting them race. Some children may have fear of losing weight, so they never want to lose, and may experience aggressive movements whenever they lose after Fill a bowl of water and throw colored lego pieces into it and keep it on the surface of the water while making shape with legos.

For children who do not like competition and constantly want to win, it is necessary to teach them that racing and losing is not a bad thing. It’s a very nice case to win. should understand that loss is normal.

educational games for 3 year olds

educational games for 3 year olds

Use materials in colorful and diverse textures to help your baby learn by sight and touch. They can be a piece of fabric, plastic or wooden toys (spoons). If there is a sensual contact with the mother, the baby will feel safe. Smell the different smells to make him learn by sniffing.

3 years; it is a period in which the awareness of the child increases, the life begins to grasp, the knowledge accumulates according to the age and is very bored with all these things! The children of this age want a constant activity, playing and throwing their energy ahead of them and It’s a kid and you’re not gonna put him in the seat!

For example ; you can do activities together by watching videos to increase your motor skills.


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