flu and flu vaccine

Flu; Despite the progress in medicine in the 21st century, the only disease that causes outbreaks in the world is the flu. Influenza, which is the common disease of the coming days, can be seen in all seasons of the year, but the last months of the fall and the first months of winter are the most common. Some families refuse to take a flu vaccine to their child. Children should read for the answer to the question of whether there should be a flu vaccine.

Influenza virus called a virus caused by the spread of influenza virus; starts with shivering and multiple 40 fever 41 C rising fire. There are redness of the face neck and chest, a severe headache and dizziness, dryness of the mouth tongue and lips, burning sensation in the throat and chest. It is painful in whole body muscles and spas. These pains in the back and back are prominent. Fatigue and exhaustion are in the foreground. The sense of taste in language is distorted. The cough is initially short and dry. It becomes increasingly violent and sputum.

flu and flu vaccine

It is more common and more severe in children and young adults between 5-15 years. The main reason is that the children have not encountered this microbe before the body could not create resistance to this microbe. Adults encounter this microbe many times and resistance is better. Although adults spend most of the day outdoors, children usually stay closed in a room. It is another negative reason for the patients to kiss the children. The most important rule in influenza epidemics is protection. Avoid excessive fatigue and cold, avoid air pollution.

If flu is caught, the first condition of treatment is definite bed rest. A ventilated and humidified room should be provided. It should be fed with abundant liquid and nutritional value food. Paracetamol-type antipyretics can be used against fever. If no other bacterial disease is added to the flu, antibiotics should not be used. If treatment rules are not followed; Influenza may cause bronchitis, pneumonia, ear inflammation, heart failure, and meningitis. Children may develop a fire-dependent remittance.


Nowadays, it is possible to be protected with of flu vaccine. The preservation of 6 months after vaccination is around 90%. Influenza virus, which has hundreds of varieties, causes the epidemic of influenza. The World Health Organization (WHO) cooperates closely with more than a hundred laboratories spread across the world, and it can predict which species can carry out an epidemic in the region and report this to the vaccine-producing organizations in advance. In the 2017-2018 flu season, the strains found are as follows.

AH1N1:A/Michigan /45/ 2015 
AH3N2: A/Hong Kong/4801/2014

Since these strains are changed every year, this year’s influenza vaccine is not only protective against this year’s virus, but cannot be effective because the virus changes genera in the outbreak of next year. Care must be taken when applying the vaccine. Flu vaccination should not be applied to children under 6 months. If the first vaccination is between 6 months and 3 years of age and if the child has not had flu before, he / she has 2 times 0,25cc (half dose) 2 times a month with an interval of 1 month. Vaccine can be applied deep under the skin or into the muscle.

who should be flu vaccine ?

This year, CDC and ACIP recommend seasonal influenza vaccine to everyone over 6 months. The seasonal flu vaccine may be administered to all persons over 6 months, in particular, who wish to be vaccinated. Patients with frequent upper respiratory tract infections, Patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis, Heart disease and especially heart failure, Tuberculosis, tuberculosis patients,

To those who use drugs related to cancer, Sickle cell disease People over 65 years of age, Diabetes patients, Kidney disease, especially those with renal failure, Long-term aspirin therapy for children from 6 months to 18 years Individuals of any age who live in other care facilities, such as nursing homes or nursing homes, All children staying in child-care homes Children with malnutrition, Children with weak resistance systems, Children under risk at kindergarten, nursery, etc. should be treated with fluox.  

WHO SHOULD NOT be flu vaccine ?

Flu vaccination should not be administered in the first trimester of pregnancy. People who are allergic to eggs should not be given flu vaccines.

Hand washing with plenty of water and soap and personal hygiene is one of the most important methods to protect against influenza.

advice for protection from flu

  • Children should not take any medication except for the advice of a physician.
  • Disposable tissue should be used during sneezing and coughing. After use, it should be thrown away without touching.
  • It is important not to send children to school during the sick period, to stay in crowded places and to stay at home to prevent infection. • In order to prevent the disease from infecting other people, a mask should be worn in a crowded environment.
  • It is recommended that children take care of their feeding period, consume fresh vegetables and fruits, and consume plenty of fluids.
  • Due to the large number of common areas at home and especially at school, surfaces should be cleaned frequently.
  • Vaccination is one of the ways of protection from the flu. Children are in the risk group and therefore influenza vaccinations can be done during the flu season. Especially children with certain diseases should be given flu vaccines!
  • For your child by contacting a physician, if necessary, prescribed flu vaccination from the pharmacy. The flu vaccine, the protective antibodies in the body reach the protective level in 1-2 weeks. Infants who are under 6 months of age do not provide protection against influenza


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