What is fontanel?

Because the bone tissue is softer than the very rigid biomass, if you stroking the head area from the forehead to the back with a little more pressure than normal, you can feel the lining under the scalp. It gets smaller with age. Since the patient is examined every monthly routine physician control, there is no need to control the family unless there are other signs of fever, vomiting, diarrhea etc. fontanel  are not closed when babies are born

The brain tissue is protected by self-surrounding brain membranes (meninges) and skull. The skull is composed of multiple bones. During the period in the womb, these bones include the connective lines (sutures) and the baklava slice regions called the biorexe. In short, the connective tissue between the junction of the head bones of the connective tissue is formed. Before birth, 6 of the rectum usually closes 5 before delivery. There is only anterior biopsy after delivery.

Why does the fontanel occur?

The space between the head bones consists of the ligamentous connective tissue. It is covered with scalp and subcutaneous adipose tissue.
What is the function of the girth in a baby?
The growth of head bones cannot adapt to brain growth which is very fast in the first 2 years. Therefore, thanks to the interconnection between the bones and sutures, the head grows and does not damage the brain tissue. Because of sudden pressure and volume changes in the head, the head bones are not flexible and therefore cannot expand. Side effects may be reduced by the use of the Biomass.

How long does the gynecology have to be closed?

It closes around 12-18 months. Very rarely in some children is open in the posterior bıngıldaklan, should be closed within 3 months at the latest. In cases where the fertilization is closed early, head growth is usually continued through sutures.

Does touching the skeleton damage the baby’s brain?

Touching the biomass has no harm to the baby unless it receives a very hard blow. Biomass is not as sensitive and less sheltered as it is thought. It is not damaged by light impact types unless there is a heavy impact.
What changes are normal in the fontanel?
Breath swelling is normal during breathing and crying.

What are the situations that cause a distress signal related to the fontanel?

In cases where the body causes fluid loss such as diarrhea and vomiting, collapse of the biomass occurs. This indicates that fluid loss is serious. Swollen gynecological swelling is called meningitis in the brain membrane inflammation and head-occupying lesions (such as tumors) and cerebrospinal fluid called cerebrospinal fluid increases. In these cases that require early intervention, children are already unhealthy with other findings, so these possibilities are very low in children who are completely healthy.


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