What Foods Cause Nappy Rash – Diaper Rash

What Foods Cause Nappy Rash?  The food that rashes in the babies is very careful for every mothers baby. If the mother does not pay attention to the food she eats in the infant receiving the breast milk, it may be absolutely rash in her baby. Because the mother is breastfeeding her baby, she must eat spicy, acidic, and bitter. They should take a break for a while, taking care of them. She should stop at least as much of her favorite food and drink as the baby grows. In addition, baby should not be given the same foods especially when going to supplementary food.

Additional nutrients should be started one by one and in small amounts; should be increased or abandoned according to the baby’s need and reaction. For example; the first choice should be one tablespoon of vegetables (such as carrot puree, potatoes, zucchini) or seasonal fruit (such as apple, peach, pear puree).

Foods that rub in babies are spicy, gassy, ​​acidic, bitter, both mothers and children. The transition period for baby food to extra food is a very important detail. For this reason, the foods to be given to the baby at the first stage are started as soup. Then, yogurt, breakfast in the morning, and fresh fruit puree foods with mothers and nursing mothers do not make both nutritious and do not need to supplement with additional food.

what is best treatment for nappy rash

Breastfeeding mothers should know that they will have the same effect in every food baby that they eat first in the first stages of delivery. Especially when consumed with acidic foods and will immediately see the baby is nappy

rash. What Foods Cause Nappy Rash,  In addition, spicy foods in the same way babies rash in the food group of foods used in the rash to make. In addition, some fruit juices and vegetables cause the baby to become acid in the urine. For this reason, there are many factors that can cause rashes even if the baby is away from the rash. Even if the mother candidates are very careful, it is necessary to rub them in urine in the diapers used in the baby. The maternal baby should be changed at regular intervals during a very long time without changing the diaper and urine too much. Cleaning of the baby should be done with care.

How to nappy rash in babies and how to treat it: firstly the baby that is rash should be changed frequently. At the same time, the wet wipes with chemical content should never be applied to the baby’s rash area. We need to keep the areas that are rash in the babies cool to keep them cool and airy. The baby should be left open for 5-10 minutes after cleaning the gold. This way baby rashes can be prevented. In this case, your job is more difficult if the infected baby’s rash area is infected. Your baby will always cry and reflect on you that it is painful. In this case, it is necessary to go to the pediatrician to get help.

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