healthy foods for child

Do not skimp on the nutrients that have beneficial minerals and vitamins from protein to magnesium, which are very important for your child’s development! CHILDREN should eat healthy foods. below are healthy foods that children should eat. healthy foods for child
Eggs to strengthen the immune system
Vitamin A is the most important role in strengthening the body’s defense system. Egg, milk, fish, spinach, oranges, carrots, green pepper, apricot-like yellow, orange and green vegetables and fruits in vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant. The consumption of these nutrients in certain sizes plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.
Fruit instead of biscuits and sugar
Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. Therefore the consumption of fruits in fresh vegetables should be increased. For children at breaks; fresh fruits instead of confectionery, pastry and biscuits, and salads in main meals.

For a good start to the day, your child should have breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal to make a good start to the day and not to skip the immune system. The child eating breakfast will spend the day more resistant, strong and concentrated with the energy that they eat. Milk, cheese, eggs are the foods containing the best quality proteins in the growth and development of children. At the same time with the calcium content of children provides height development. Walnuts from oilseeds, which should be included in the breakfasts, help the brain development with fatty acids in the content of fresh vegetables and fruits.

healthy foods for child

Fresh fruits and vegetables suitable for the season should be distributed to 6 meals a day. Children should be given the habit of eating bread. Breads with cereals, walnuts and olives also have a fiber content that contributes to the growth of children and can be preferred as healthy choices. Children should eat meat in their main meals. Meatballs, fish, meat and vegetable dishes and dried legumes are indispensable in terms of protein needs.

Fat child is not healthy child

Most of the time parents think that they are more comfortable with eating when they send their children to school. However, the school should be under the supervision of the child as well as the feeding of the child. It is necessary to talk about all the details about nutrition, such as whether to skip meals, what to choose from the resulting dishes, whether there is a canteen consumption, whether it is affected by friends, whether it is drinking or not. Children, especially children who take lunch at school, like to eat or soup, pasta, potatoes or rice with the desire to feed the wife or children who need to take fruit, milk or yogurt in the meals often takes dough.

Late in the evening eaten rice and pasta lazy

Care should be taken that your child does not eat heavy and fatty food at night. Lighter foods should be consumed. In particular, excess fat carbohydrates (rice, pasta, pastry, pastry, etc.) increases the numbness. This situation may make your child increasingly lazy. Try to stay as far away from these meals as possible. If consumed, they should not be left in the evening hours.
The most important natural medicine of winter diseases ın water hastalık
With the cooling of the air, our need for liquid increases to increase our body surface temperature. Therefore, children should consume at least 2 liters of water. Water is a natural medicine in infectious diseases and febrile diseases. Detoxification of the body; that should not be neglected to be purified. Buttermilk, milk, freshly squeezed juice are fluids that should be preferred. Carbonated, sugary drinks, ready condensed sugary juices and soda should be consumed as little as possible.

Meat consumption against Zinc deficiency diseases is important

Zinc support to the body improves physical, neurological and psychological development and reduces the frequency of life-threatening infections. The best sources; red meat and shellfish and animal-derived foods such as liver. Other sources; nuts such as nuts, walnuts, pistachios, milk, cheese and dried legumes.
Honey natural healing source
Honey is used as a natural medicine against the cold and cold in the regions with a terrestrial climate outside the energy efficiency and in the regions where the temperature difference is higher in the day, the diseases in the mouth, throat and bronchi and in the infections. 2 dessert spoons of honey at breakfast or at the time that your child comes home from school, 2 teaspoons of honey will cause disease defenses.


Fruits, which are an ideal snack for our children, are an important part of their diet. An apple cut in half will be useful before dinner. Remember at the same time; how colorful, so healthy! Blue and purple fruits and vegetables (such as eggplants and blueberries) contain resvetarol, an important antioxidant, and will be effective in protecting the health of your children.
It’s not easy to eat vegetables for our children! Therefore, always try to be creative while adding vegetables to meals. At the same time, green leafy vegetables should not be missing from your children’s diet plan. Green vegetables such as spinach and biceps contain chlorophyll, which increases blood oxygen and cleanses blood, so it’s important for the health of our children!
Hazelnuts are very important for our children to meet their fat needs and gain energy. You can make nice blends of nuts, seeds and dried fruits and store energy for your children with these colorful useful snacks.
Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, magnesium and iron, so it is very important for your children to eat healthy! You can prepare a perfect sandwich for your child by bringing them together with whole wheat bread


With the benefits of fish content, it makes a significant contribution to your child’s health. Try every kind of fish until your child tries to find out which fish you like. Keep in mind; especially with the protein and omega3 acid contained in the tuna fish is very important for your child’s development!


You must add cheeses to your children’s meals. You can bring cheeses to your child and make them more delicious and attractive with crackers and great snacks. Remember that fat-free cottage cheese and goat cheese are the ideal protein sources!


Wholemeal pasta and whole-grain bread, breakfast cereals, brown rice and oat k These nutritional details that affect our health are very important for our children. We recommend you to make these foods, which are consumed more like pasta and rice, with these preferences and to include your child’s nutrition and protein layer.

Does your child love beans? Then you’re lucky! Add the beans, which are rich in protein, carbohydrate and iron, into your child’s menus with salads and main dishes!
Ideal option for enjoying your child’s junk food! Give up the dozens of unhealthy choices and enjoy a snack with popcorn!
Water starred as usual. Of course, from our basic food sources, juices and milk are added to the water. These drinks are an important part of our children’s meals.

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