Heartburn And Pregnancy – Causes And Treatment

We can feel our heartburn after eating and there are many reasons for this. Heartburn and pregnancy can be a nightmare for some mothers. When does the heartburn start in pregnancy, how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy fast , we have investigated the answers to these questions for you.

What is Heartburn ?

What is Heartburn,  Heartburn can be a problem you’ve never experienced before. This disturbance, also known as reflux, occurs when the stomach contents turn towards the food intake and the stomach acids irritate the food intake. This causes a burning sensation around the heart. Well, what does this have to do with the pregnancy? Here are the reasons for the stomach burn in pregnancy:

Pregnancy hormones (progesterone and relaxin) slow digestion. For this reason, the nutrients interfere with the blood and the mint is delayed. In this way, gastric burning and indigestion occur.

As the muscles relax during pregnancy, this leads to a weakening of the intestine known as the stomach lid. Because of this muscle that does not work in normal course, the acids escape to the food pipe and cause a burning sensation.

In the last period of your pregnancy, the cervical growth pushes the mast upwards, and this causes the mast to burn down.


How To Get Rid Of Heartburn During Pregnancy Fast ?

heartburn and pregnancy

Not to feel this disease; First of all, excessive weight should be avoided, less food should be eaten, edible food thoroughly chewed after swallowed, oily foods should be avoided quite. Food should be left at least two hours before bedtime.

For the get rid of heartburn; Drinking a glass of water, leaving a sour taste on the tongue acid is washed, souring is removed. In addition, drugs that reduce stomach acid; This discomfort is eliminated by using drugs that inhibit the acid release of the stomach. It is one of the biggest mistakes made about the most commonly used milk drink for treatment among the public. Because milk; neutralizes stomach acid.

However, since the calcium it contains causes the gastric acid to be released, it causes the acid to be released more after a certain time and the complaints come back more violently. Therefore, the best method of heartburn is water. At dinner, it will also eliminate heartburn, as it will also neutralize stomach acid. So for heartburn, for example; eating a few slices of bread will eliminate this complaint. Chewing gum is also a method used by increasing the salivation and cleaning the acid accumulated in the stomach. Licorice tea, mineral water, such as drinks in the stomach will neutralize acids in the stomach can be taken after meals

When does the heartburn start in pregnancy?

Generally, in the first trimester, gastric inflammation occurs in pregnancies. In the first months of your pregnancy, you can start living this complaint very early on.

In the later stages of the pregnancy, the baby and the baby grow well due to the growth of the pressure to the midi, which increases the complaints of heartburn.

when will it end

Unfortunately, in the 9th month of pregnancy, the heartburn is over when the birth is approaching.

  • The reason for complaints of heartburn is that the baby’s head, which we know to ease, is moving toward the birth canal. The pressure on the chest cavity and the diaphragm is reduced.
  • You even feel that you are relieved because you can breathe more comfortably on this note.
  • But with that, the baby’s head pressure on the waist, unfortunately, you start to feel the need to go to the toilet more often, like at the beginning of your pregnancy.
  • In short, complaints of stomach burning and shortness of breath can last up to the birth of a baby, which is close to birth.

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