hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the upper part of the anal canal. It is known as the hill or mezai among the people. Internal and external hemorrhoids are divided into two. Over time, the enlarged vessels located in the anal canal along with the underlying causes move out of the anus.

Changes in intestinal habits (constipation, diarrhea),
Pregnancy and birth,
Sedanter life,
Some sporting events (horseback riding, cycling),
Various professional groups (drivers, pilots),
Alcohol habit,
Tumors located in the pelvic region, ascites formation,
Large intestinal cancer

What are Hemorrhoidin Signs?

Rectal hemorrhage (makat fresh red colored bleeding),
The bloating,
The discharge, feeling of breech wetness,
Anal fissure, perianal fistula, perianal abscess and thrombosis are the other diseases in these patients. Pain is a very late finding in internal hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids, perianal abscess, anal fissure should be considered if there is pain in the initial period.

1st degree hemorrhoids: Bleeding is the most important complaint. Hemorrhoids are detected during rectoscopy. 2. Degree hemorrhoids: Bleeding and itching complaints are seen. It is detected during cleavage and anal examination. 3. Degree hemorrhoids: Bleeding, itching and feeling of wetness in the rectum are referred with complaints. Anal examination shows prolapsed hemorrhoid pouches other than the rectum. Can be sent in by inspection. 4. Degree hemorrhoids: Bleeding, itching, discharge and pain complaints are seen. Inspection detects swellings that can not be reintroduced.

Treatment Methods
Regulation of the bowel function eliminates the underlying insufficiency,

Increasing daily water intake, drinking 1.5-2 liters of water on average,

Local creams and pomades,

Surgical treatment :

Band ligation
Hemorrhoid ectomy operation is performed under general anesthesia with classical surgical method. The hospital bedtime is an average day.
Laser treatment is performed under general anesthesia with Nd-yAG laser technique and the operation time is 5-15 minutes.The method is the least pain after operation.The duration of return to work is shorter and it is applied to hemorrhoids up to third degree.

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