Language Disorders in Cerebral Palsy in Children

One of the great ordeals that a human being can suffer is to be diagnosed with a cerebral palsy condition. It is a traumatic experience for the parents who feel really useless seeing their child struggling for a normal life and also for the children with cerebral palsy, who will be scared for life with such a torture. When suffering from CP, cerebral palsy, speech and language in general are affected in a great manner. More than 30 % of the children suffer periods of an unarticulated speech.

Cerebral palsy in children is associated with a range of speech problems related to the anatomic functions of the body. The kids have problems when breathing and have little control on their respiratory motions. Also at the level of the larynges there may occur a number of dysfunctions. Children with cerebral palsy have issues in uttering words. This is due to the fact that their facial muscles are also affected by CP so their movement is restricted.

Language Disorders in Cerebral Palsy in Children

The speech disorders associated with cerebral palsy in children are caused by a series of incapacities when talking about voluntary movements. The children have some spasmodic and weakness periods, which leave them out of strength to utter a word. Also the limited and slow range of movement will make the speech really hard to get, as we know that the process is a dynamic one. Also the breathing is very irregular and this is why the voice of such kids may sound phantom like, really weak and breathy.

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Children with cerebral palsy often look like grasping for air. When trying to speak they make really large movements of the jaw. Also they cannot control the tongue’s position or the velar elevation in order to maintain a normal flow of air. With these restrictions the vowels and consonants uttered are very imprecise and distorted. The rate of the speech is slow and the voice is rather harsh. We may notice a struggling for stressing out words and lengthen phonemes.

On the other hand, the speech problems associated with cerebral palsy in children may be caused by a slight mental retardation. Due to their physical condition, they gain a sort of helplessness and are in danger of becoming passive when it comes to communicating their feelings. The children do not want to initiate conversation and have to be helped to do so. They need to know that through speaking they can control in some way the outside world.

From an early stage the children with cerebral palsy have to be engaged in conversation and encourage expressing their decisions and choices regarding the outside world. In this way, they will have the necessary motivation to struggle to speak and also this will help their brain develop in spite of their frail body.

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