Category: Medications

No one likes to use medications and is included in babies. We may have difficulties in feeding our baby or our children.  When they are used correctly, they become our savior.

Even if we know what our disease is, we should take medications with a doctor’s check. Drinking medication may not always be good. We must use the required amount of medications.

Sometimes we can eat more than the drugs and therefore should pay attention to what we eat.


Blockage of the Esophagus

Blockage of  the Esophagus in infants is a congenital anomaly seen in an average of 2500-3000. In the ultrasonography performed to the mother during pregnancy....


Urinary Incontinence in Children

With the opening of schools, urinary incontinence can increase in children in primary and secondary education. Approximately 20% of school-age children in the family of...


Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion  is quite narrow compared to adults in the newborn and children. Therefore, any problem that occurs here can lead to serious problems. The most common...