It is mostly seen in children under 10 years old.  mouth -hand-foot disease can cause outbreaks especially in summer, in the pool, in the fall, in places where children like nursery and kindergarten live in public places.  There are red rashes in the throat, on the cheeks, on the cheeks, in the palate, with high fever. These rashes may appear as red rashes on the palms, soles, sometimes in the stumps, in the hips, in the genital areas, especially in the child’s diaper area, similar to water-filled water flowers but smaller than water flowers. The cause of the disease is microbes, a type of virus called the virus (Coxackie virus and some enteroviruses).

According to the level of microbial disease and the resistance of the patient, the disease is very severe in some children; some may appear to be lighter than others. In some children the fever is very high, such as 40-41 degrees Celsius, and in some children the rash may be the pre-planar. The disease can sometimes be seen only in the mouth while rubbing, sometimes in the palms, under the feet, or in various parts of the body, or even in the body as a continuous incessant mass. Lesions filled with water can cause crusting and then peeling in the healing period.

Incubation period is 3-7 days. Although it is more common in children under 10 years of age, it is rarely seen in adults. The rash disappears within 7-10 days with a slight trail, and within 2-3 weeks those traces remain. The disease may crack or spill in the hands and toes after weeks or even months. They do not require special treatment.


Antibiotic treatment is unnecessary because the disease is a viral infection. Your doctor can use painkillers and fever reducers that are prescribed. Oral itching remedies can be used if itching is common. Pain relief solutions or sprays may be used for the wound in the mouth. Sometimes diarrhea can develop in this disease. Your doctor will arrange the necessary probiotic and fluid treatment for diarrhea. Because of injuries in the mouth, children can not eat meals. Children should be given watery, semi-solid foods during this period, when oral aphtos are common. Especially milk, yoghurt, ayran, soup should be preferred. It should be avoided from very hot and sour grapes. Children who do not have enough fluids may need fluid therapy from the vagina at times. Your doctor will decide this. It is very important to consume water and watery foods. Sick children can bathe in warm water. Fibroplasty can cause lesions to spread and cause the child to suffer.


Since the disease is highly contagious, patients should be avoided. Especially in places where children such as kindergarten and kindergarten are collected, cleaning rules should be observed and sick children should be delayed for 1 week.
Swallowing pool water during the pool season can cause disease outbreaks. Ensure that the pool used is clean and that sick children do not enter the pool.
Avoid close contact with patients because they are infected with respiratory tract, saliva and close contact.
As with all infectious diseases, care must be taken to ensure that hand cleansing is carried out, hand wash frequently and children should be given a hand washing habit.
The environment in which children live should be frequently ventilated, care should be taken to ventilate and disinfect common areas in schools and kindergartens, and the necessary hygiene and cleanliness rules must be observed.
After your babies change their nappies, the hands should be thoroughly washed.
The common use of personal items such as plates, glasses, cutlery, spoons and towels should be avoided.
You should download the least behavior such as kissing children, hugging them.

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