Pregnancy 40 Years Old: Not Too Late

A number of celebrities are among the most important proofs that  old is possible. Look closely at how Nicole Kidman and Courtney Cox have given birth to healthy babies despite being forty in age. This happy event is not exclusive to celebrities, such can happen to you with just a little push.

It is true that women have their most fertile season through their 20s but as the changing times can attest, pregnancy during this period is not yet in their minds. Maybe because they are compelled to first finish their schooling, make the career flourish, or perhaps just due to mere immaturity to handle such sensitive situation.

Really, women have incurred a sense of financial need over prioritizing marriage or having children; perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they fear not being able to provide well for the kids. Thus, this societal pressure brings about more unproductive women around 40 years old.

One more reason why women past 40 have not tied the knot or conceived is that they have been afflicted with a serious illness that the doctor advised them to wait for some time before they can get pregnant.

But then, it is not a secret that women who are around 40 years old also have a reduced chance of getting pregnant; in fact, the possibilities of successful and normal births are also decreased. Most women should be aware of their ovulation charts including that of their ovulation as they menstruate; but then although it would help, it is no guarantee that doing such can make you pregnant.

You must check if your body is capable enough to produce healthy eggs which can be fertilized eventually by the sperm cells. But then again, the egg cells are not the only important factor here because the other organs are also inidispensable in making sure you have a safe and successful conception. To have a baby, you must also have a strong uterus lining and a healthy placenta.

As soon as you have taken care of all these, plan your baby by considering countless of other factors as well. More than anything else, you should be willing to prepare for this special event for your body by simply understanding some important aspects in it. And since you have the tendency to go through miscarriage, you must help your body regain its strength to endure the risks of having a second miscarriage. Make our body in the pink by eating a hale and hearty diet while carrying out some exercises at the same time. Keep in mind that among the innumerable foods that you should eat include vegetables and fruits.

about pregnancy 40 years old.

But then, you must investigate for information on how you can promote healthier egg cells as well. Moreover, caffeine products and alcoholic beverages should be regulated together with exercises which you can do for 30 minutes only. There is no doubt that you will find a lot of natural techniques to teach you about pregnancy 40 years old.

if you have not been practicing a healthy lifestyle during your younger years, now is the perfect time to do so. Switch to a healthy diet, especially one that is rich in fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly.

take positive steps to get rid of bad habits. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption not only puts your health at risk, it also reduces your chances of achieving mid-life pregnancy and may even cause complications in the unborn child.

if you have not been visiting your doctor on a regular basis, it is important to make yearly appointments a habit. You will need to be assessed for any medical conditions that may affect pregnancy after 40. Such medical conditions include heart disease and diabetes.

The Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy After 40

Why is smoking particularly risky during mid-life pregnancy? When you are in your 40s, most of your vital organs – including those related to fertility and reproduction – have aged and are no longer in their optimum condition. It has been documented that smoking increases the rate by which existing eggs deteriorate. If your husband is a smoker, the habit causes a decrease in the number of his sperms and increases abnormal sperm production. These factors results in lower fertility rates.

If you become pregnant at age 40 and above, you are exposing yourself and your baby to nicotine and toxic substances that are in cigarette smoke. It also reduces the delivery of much needed oxygen supply to your baby.

Continuing to smoke during mid-life pregnancy will put you at risk of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.

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