what to do with rotten baby teeth

Improving oral care habits in children is easier and more effective than adults. Although children pay enough attention to oral health, the child’s hand skill, curiosity, and parent’s attitude determine the correct placement of the toothbrushing habit. Milk teeth contain more organic matter than normal teeth, which makes it easier and faster to bruise.

why do children’s teeth rot

Children can not interpret the signals in time such as cold hot tenderness and mild pain that can be seen in the early period of dental decay, and they notice and complain when the pain becomes unbearable. In this case, the bruise is now advanced and the child will have a first visit to the dentist with severe pain and anxiety, which is a very difficult period for dentists and parents.

Make sure your child defeats dentist fear

There is widespread fear of dentistry in our society. One of the most important tasks of parents is; to protect their mouth and dental health while growing their children and to support them in their future lives to be able to go to the dentist with confidence. It is very important for them to introduce them to dental clinics and dentists in the most correct way.

Give your child the habit of rinsing your mouth at least after you have eaten sugar
Especially in kindergarten and elementary school age children now become home-based parents and carers, and early-term individuals develop habits in the crowd. This means that children can consume sugary food in a nest or primary school canteen. As long as the children are not in excessive amounts during this period, they are free to eat sugary foods. However, post-consumption behavior is important. For example; the child should know not to brush his teeth after every sugary food intake, but to drink water or rinse his mouth with water. This can easily be done to reduce the acid content of the oral environment and prevent the development of caries.

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