safety of your baby

Your baby’s safety is more important than feeding. When your child starts to crawl, you should be more careful than ever. we use the car seat for the safety of our baby eg

The first rule is to minimize risk. Keep your child out of the danger of accident. Place dangerous objects that may be of interest to the child. Keep closed in a locked place, if possible. In the event of an accident; The first rule is to stay calm and stay calm. NO PANIC.

If you know about first aid and you know what to do in such cases, you are doing the greatest help to your child. First of all, you should have a medicine cabinet and a first aid kit at home. This bag should include patches, cotton, gauzes, gauzes, sterile dressings, antiseptic solutions (such as batticon, betadine, alcohol), painkiller syrup (such as paracetamol, ibuprofen), scissors, tweezers, wound bands. Deficiencies must be completed after each use.

In case of emergency; You should keep the phone numbers that you will be contacted in an easily visible place near your phone. These should be the phone of your doctor, such as Ambulance, Taxi, Hospital, Health Center, Police, Poison hotline.


When you have difficulty breathing in your child, check your mouth immediately. A small piece of food, a dark sticky phlegm, a small piece of toy, a piece of cloth or rubber can clog the mouth. Try to get a piece that can be taken immediately. Breathing due to vomiting, clean his mouth, lay down on his side and beat him with light strokes. If you notice that your child is not breathing; lay your child on a hard ground after looking into his mouth and making sure there is no foreign body. With one hand, pull both sides of the head from the forehead area and pull the head back. With the other hand, pull the lower jaw down and open the mouth to open the airway. Place your lips on your child’s face, including your child’s mouth and nose. Then, according to your child’s age, breathe deeply into the air in your mouth without taking deep breaths or breathing. 1 time after you breath, one hand below 1 finger from the middle of the fictional line connecting the two breasts to your child’s chest; Place it slightly to the left. 5 times to remove your hands by removing the heart massage. Continue this exhalation and cardiac massage until the health care personnel arrive. The number of exhalation should be 20ada30 per minute. After each breath, check your child’s chest for moving up and down and check for heartbeat.

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