seven-month baby development

Now you have a friend who you can talk to and agree with at home, you can share your joys (you are never sad). Your child understands you, you can answer your love with laughter, baby, dad, dada. The good relationship can be shouting and making a fuss. It can respond according to the changes in the mimics of the people you are in close relationship with. He’s trying to imitate your movements, your voices. He can hold a body with both hands.

He can hold two cubes in both hands. Eline takes everything he has to his mouth. He tries to eat with a spoon. Support this behavior. He can move objects from one hand to another. She glances at the item in front and picks it up. He wants to keep his image at the same time. Until the age of 1, children can use both hands. If you are using your left hand; Do not force your child to use his right hand. Decide which hand to use. You can turn around when you are following a cheeky slum.

It can sit without support. Short-term crawling may also start in this period. There is no need to crawl using two hands and two feet. Displacement is also a kind of crawling. On the buttocks, he can creep on the snow or develop another unique crawling style. Sometimes he can crawl back on his buttocks. It can surprise you by biting your hands with your teeth. The lower front teeth are usually first removed. This follows the upper fronts, upper sides, lower sides, 1st minor teeth, canine teeth and 2nd minor teeth. You should travel with your child for about an hour every day outdoors. Sing together, listen to music, talk to him. Tell your baby everything that comes to mind and all the work you do.

what can a seven month baby do

  • Can sit without support
  • Can be rolled out
  • Can hold two cubes in both hands
  • One can pass the other to the other Hold the reverse closed cup holder and return it to normal
  • He tries to eat with a spoon. Support this behavior It tries to imitate your movements, your sounds.
  • Makes forward and backward crawling movements Reach out to the item in front and pick it up
  • Enjoy the head game Where did Mum come from?
  • Ceee eee likes the game Mama, father, like dada can say 3-4 words unconsciously
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