Stop smoking tips for better health

Stop smoking tips for better health  ;

Smoking affects health 

Smokers try very hard to quit smoking. But it is not as easy as it seems. After a series of trials a smoker succeed in having a smoke free life. Many know the ill effect of smoking on health and how it affects one’s psychological health. It even changes the external appearance of a person. It is quite difficult but possible to give up smoking completely and take a step towards a better life. a strong willpower of quitting smoking, support from friends and family and if required, medical help definitely assist you to give up this habit of smoking.

Give up smoking easily with helpful tips

Smoking tobacco in any forms is injurious to health. One can develop withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit smoking. You can follow the tips given below to give up smoking easily:

  • Ask for help – Communication is the key factor that makes difficult task simple. Ask the ex-smokers about their experience about quitting smoking. Share what you feel with your family and friends.
  • Focus on give up smoking – It is very essential to decide and focus on your goal of stop smoking. Keep a track of number of cigarettes you smoke every day. Make a habit of purchasing only one carton in a week and try to share the one for the whole week.
  • Set a date – Once you decide to give up smoking for good then set a date by which you will be living a smoke free life. Put on the date on the walls of your bedroom, study table or wherever in your home or office so that it will keep reminding you of your goals.
  • Divert your attention – You can simply divert your mind from the strong urge of smoking by indulging yourself in fun activities.
  • Go for alternative nicotine products – If you fail to curb the strong desire of smoking then simply pop in nicotine gum. You can also wear nicotine patch or else go for electronic cigarette.
  • Get medical help – If you find it very hard to give up smoking in spite several trials then ask your doctor prescribe stop smoking pills and take as directed by your doctor.
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    very helpful article!

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    So, Friday is here again and can people help me with some tips to stop smoking every weekend. Only a social smoker…

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    smoke free for 32 years. big incentive is put that cigarette money in savings. spend it on yourself…

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