Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency in Children.

All these doom and gloom predictions on Vitamin D deficiency will get any parent concerned for their child’s well-being. When should you suspect a deficiency?

If your child adheres to the risk factors previously discussed it may be worth-while to have your child’s physician investigate your concern.

Other symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency in children are:

  • Muscle spasm ( due to lack of calcium) are sometimes the first indication of the next symptom,
  • Rickets – a condition in which the bones of a child is soft and can become mis-formed and fracture easily.
  • Infants with Rickets often have a soft skull and fontanelle’s fail to close. (Fontanelle’s are holes between the scull bones which normally close around 12 to 14 months of age.)
  • Older babies with Rickets start to sit and crawl late.
  • Children between 1 and4 years may be slow to walk. Walking may be painful.
  • Bone deformities may occur such as knock knees or an abnormally curved spine or legs.
  • Fractures may occur easily.
  • Teething may be delayed.
  • Breathing problems could occur due to weakened chest muscles and a soft rib-cage.

These symptoms are not always easy to pin-point until the deficiency has become severe.


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