The 10 Things You Miss During Pregnancy

Being pregnant has some major advantages – the sheer anticipation, the attention, and the simple joy when you feel your baby move. Still, there are some no-so-great things, too – constant peeing, weird changes in your body, and sleep deprivation – just to name a few.

Let’s face it – for nine months you’re going to be without a few of life’s little pleasures. Whether it’s your beloved skinny jeans or that oh-so-needed second cup of coffee, our readers weighed in on what they miss most.

The 10 things You Miss Most During Pregnancy

1. Booze – Almost all physicians advise against alcohol during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester when the vital organs of the fetus are in its development stages. Regular alcohol consumption has been associated with fetal alcohol syndrome which has been characterized by birth defects, retardation and neurological impairment. However, some obstetricians say a rare glass of wine or beer during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy may be allowed. If you are pregnant you should take a break for a long time. Side Effects of Alcohol on Breastfeeding & The Breastfed Baby You should also read our article

The 10 Things You Miss During Pregnancy

2. Off-limits foods – There are many foods that a pregnant woman should avoid to prevent indigestion and stomach pains. Raw meat and uncooked seafood maybe contaminated with bacteria and salmonella and are not recommended for pregnant women. Listeria in deli meat, imported cheeses, pates, unpasteurized milk and smoked seafood has been known to cause miscarriage while fish can contain high levels of mercury which may cause brain damage and the fetus’ developmental delays. Salads and food that uses raw eggs are potentially harmful because of salmonella exposure.

3. Peaceful sleep – A pregnant woman needs more sleep than ever, as the growing fetus demands nourishment from her. She will always feel that she is not getting enough sleep. It has been found that cell development and repairs of body tissues happen during hours of deep sleep. It is nature’s way of ensuring the healthy development of the fetus by making the expectant mother always sleepy.

4. Caffeine – Most studies say that pregnant women can take caffeine in moderation but other studies say that intake of caffeine and some miscarriages is related. Caffeine laden food includes coffee, tea, chocolate and some sodas, among others.

5. Sex Life – Although a pregnant woman can engage in sex even up to the last days before delivery, pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy often dislike sex. The thought of sex makes some pregnant women nauseous.

6. Biking and Horseback Riding – It is dangerous for the baby.

7. High heeled shoes – It is dangerous for the mother and the baby.

8. Wearing Jeans – Well, you can but you can’t get them buttoned up. You can get them made to order, though.

9. Staying Up Late – You have to get to sleep early just to get enough sleep to feel rested.

10. Feeling Sexy – You can’t wear anything on the 2nd and 3rd trimester but maternity clothes. However, pregnant can be oh-so sexy ! After all, it is all in the mind, isn’t it?

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