Twin Baby Care – The Best Practices

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  1. Kristyna says:

    Very good, thank you.
    I want so much to have twin babies

  2. Mrs_Hawkins00 says:

    A single mom who just gave birth wants to adopt an infant so her own baby can grow up wit…

  3. ItsHiroomi3JSB says:

    We don’t talk yet but I hope he is fine, I care about my twin because he is like a baby.

    • Kelli says:

      it’s hard enough to take care of one baby. 🤪 but i would love to have twins so they could grow up best friends!

  4. susanmaclean41 says:

    You don’t have to care, how u mis treat your pregnancy is your business, my fam prefer lea…

  5. 4ever_alwaysDan says:

    I’m quite ‘new’ to baby loss. My little boy died in October. The part I feel is underrepresented is…

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