Vaginal adhesion, also called LABALAL ADHESION, LABAL SIGNAL, RABBIT CLOSURE; the small lips at the entrance of the vagina are sticking together. This adhesion may sometimes be limited to the adherence of some of the small lips, sometimes in the form of a full closure that closes the vagina entrance, sometimes starting from the anus and closing the urethra and going to the clitoris. It is seen in 1-3% of girls. Small lips adhere to each other with a thin, white, gelatinous, sometimes bluish secretion. Generally, the baby begins with a period of 1-2 months when the baby is in diapers; Sometimes it can be seen even in the age of the game where it is saved from the diaper.

Although the exact cause is not known, it is thought that one or more of the following may be among the causes of adhesion.

Estrogen deficiency
Excessive friction cleaning and irritation of the vaginal area
Use of unsuitable wet wipes
Use of soap, shampoo, bottom cleaner not suitable for acidity
Fungal infections
Urinary tract infections
Bad hygiene
Very rare or very frequent replacement of the diaper
Very rigorous mothers clearing the child under the extreme rush. Excessive friction causes the formation of a connective tissue by disrupting the upper layer of the skin in the small lips in the vagina. This connective tissue glues the two lips together.


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