visual impairment causes and treatment

Eye care is an important issue especially for babies with a highly sensitive skin. Because newborn babies have tear canal, the problem of chipping is often seen. You can clean these burrs with the help of cotton dipped in pure water. Every day with your thumb 3-4 times for 20 minutes from the eyebrow towards the eye should push light. Another way you can clean your baby’s burrs is to wait for the teapot to cool down and to strain the tea. Then you have to immerse the cotton in the chilled tea and remove the burrs. If your baby has reached the age of 1 and still has frequent problems with deburring, you should take him to the examination.

There are some important steps to protect your child’s eyes:

Take care of your general health: As with the same adult, regular diet and regular exercise are necessary to protect your child’s eye health and quality of vision.

Follow vision clarity:

Unlike most adults, school-age children are required to undergo eye examinations at least once a year, as their visual capacity changes rapidly. Learn more about the routine eye examination. Correct vision defects: If your child is wearing glasses, make sure that they are worn regularly and continuously. In particular, they should always wear their glasses when they are in school, so they shouldn’t have any problems to follow the lesson or participate in activities. Watch the sun! Children who spend more time in public health are more exposed to damage caused by UV rays. Protect your eyes with high E-SPF factor sunglasses while your child is out.

How to understand visual impairment in children

Limit display time:

Children love playing games on the computer or tablet. This exposes the eyes to blue light, so it is recommended that you limit the playing time to 45 minutes. To prevent eye strain, follow your child’s 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look for an object 20 meters (6 meters) away for 20 seconds.

How to understand visual impairment in children

  •  Sit very close to the TV
  •  Look too close to objects such as books and notebooks
  • Losing lines while reading • Blinking and rubbing eyes frequently
  •  Blind eyes, turn too much head, close one eye when trying to focus
  •  One eye inward or outward shift
  •  Light sensitivity
  •  Eye watering
  • Falling performance at school
  •  Do not want to participate in physical activities
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