what are abortion facts

Sometimes things may not be what we want. We can have to have an abortion. We ask ourselves As each intervention has various risks of each process, there are some risks of the process of abortion (curettage, coughing, giving babies, taking care of pregnancy etc.). These are very rare risks today due to the use of modern tools.

abortion can be very damaging, so you should think a lot. what are bad facts about abortion

Bleeding: Bleeding may occur during and after abortion. There is no risk of excessive bleeding unless the gestational week is greater than 10 weeks. (Abortion of pregnancies older than 10 weeks is prohibited.)

Infection: All utensils used for abortion should be sterile and the vagina and uterus mouth must be cleaned with antiseptic solution before the operation. However, after the procedure, very rare infections (endometritis) may develop in the uterus. Antibiotic therapy is needed.

– Uterine perforation (Uterus perforation): A rare complication that occurs more frequently in curettage in advanced gestational weeks. Observation is necessary in this case, sometimes it may heal without the need for a spontaneous introituation, or sometimes it may be necessary to repair the drilled region.

what are the factors of abortion

– Adherence in the uterus (Asherman’s syndrome): Very rarely, touch in the uterus can result in abnormal or excessive response to trauma or excessive clearing of the uterus. It is one of the rare complications after an abortion. – If general anesthesia is administered, there are risks of developing various complications related to this.

– Vasovagal syncope due to local anesthesia rarely develops and may shorten. – After abortion does not cause pregnancy or infertility again. If you do not have a pregnancy again, there may be another cause.

– After the abortion, there may rarely be a part remaining in the uterus or blood accumulation. In this case, the uterus is cleaned again with a slight intervention.

– Rarely is the risk that your pregnancy can not be taken. In this case, pregnancy is tried again after 1 week. special small pregnancies may not be available in the first place, so it may be necessary to do an abortion while expecting a little growth.

– Rarely, menstrual irregularity after an abortion may be a temporary condition. Before the abortion process, your customs will be the same after 1-2 months. The first menstruation usually occurs after 30-40 days of abortion.


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    Abortion is graphic. If you’re going to be pro-choice you should at bare minimum know what you are advocating for.

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