What increases the chances of having a twin baby

What increases the chances of the twin baby? It may be related to the genetic structure from the family. Twin pregnancy rates are higher in elderly mothers. The chance of multiple pregnancies may increase after vaccination and in vitro fertilization. The importance of family history for twin baby This mother’s family history, of course, is not your father’s.

Even if you have a twin baby in your husband’s family, it makes no difference. Twin babies, eggs producing mothers are completely related to them. If there is a twin baby history in the family of mothers, the prospect of having more than one baby is increasing. how to twin baby care?

Lifestyle enhances chances of twin dolls.

Mothers who have a low-fat meal, even vegetarians or vegan are less likely to have more than one baby. However, if a mother consume full-fat milk every day and eat a large grilled steak once a week, the chances of having a twin or triple baby are more than others. The reason for this is that the food arrangement triggers different hormones. Twin baby for the number of children That’s actually something about numbers. As the number of children increases, your chances of having a twin or triple baby in one place will increase.

Because the more the mother becomes pregnant, the more likely she is. In addition, if the child is easily pregnant in the past, it turns out that the mother’s eggs are of good quality. This increases the chance of multiple pregnancies. Age range for twin baby Twin or triple babies are mostly born in women in their 30s or 40s. It’s about the way your mothers work. As age progresses, expectant mothers can spawn more than one ovary each month.

 Your origin is also important

While one in every 60 pregnancies in Western Europe is twin pregnancy, this rate is less in South East Asia. Even if you are born in a place where twin pregnancies are more common, the chance of twin pregnancy decreases if you survive where this rate is low. Experts say this may be due to eating habits or weather conditions.

Pregnancy Treatment

One of the reasons for expecting mothers to have multiple pregnancies is to receive treatment. It should be said that the drugs used for the treatment of ovaries increased the number of eggs and thus the twin pregnancy rate. It is a well known fact that the rate of multiple babies is high in couples with IVF treatment.  expecting twins what do i need ?

Techniques that will not have an impact for twin pregnancy; No period of twin pregnancy can be mentioned. The process will process like normal pregnancy and it is likely that there will be a transition from one generation to another. Twin pregnancy cannot be achieved with any diet program. Measures and measures that can be taken by natural means will not cause twin pregnancy.

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