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What is ?

Abortion or curettage (taking care of pregnancy among the people, taking care of the baby, giving names like kürtaş) is a process of taking the pregnancy in the uterus by various methods. 

Abortion is not only for voluntary pregnancy, but also for taking pregnant parts inside after a low birth, or for taking cases such as dead pregnancies and empty pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy can not be taken by abortion, surgery or medication is necessary. In fact, abortion is not only used for taking your pregnancy but also for materials taken from the uterus in non-pregnant patients. D / C or D & C. The letters are abbreviation for dilatation curettage. Dilatation is used to mean enlarging the uterus. Expansion of the uterus mouth is necessary to insert the necessary tools (curette or aspirator, cannula) to cure the uterus. For this expansion, metal barrels with increasingly thinner bar thicknesses are used. Mostly, this enlargement procedure is unnecessary and the abdomen can be inserted by passing the thin plastic cannula through the cervix.

When can abortion be done?

Desiring voluntary curettage, ie voluntary pregnancy, is possible until termination of 10 weeks of pregnancy. Here the pregnancy week is calculated from the beginning of the last menstrual cycle and confirmed by ultrasound.

Who can make an abortion?

Women who are 18 years of age or older and married may have an abortion after being approved by their spouse’s signature. The ladies who are older than 18 and single can only have an abortion with their own relatives. Even if they are married or single, they must be approved by their parents. Children under the age of 15 can not be an abortion, even if their parents permit it. First of all, the situation must be reported to the judicial authorities. Abortions can not be done in our country since 10 weeks of pregnancy are not legal even if they are approved. In pregnancies older than 10 weeks, pregnancy can be terminated by a board decision in the presence of a serious birth deficit or in the presence of a serious illness that may put the mother’s life at risk.

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