What is done to have twin babies

Although having a twin baby is difficult to care for and affordable, it is a sweet and very desirable condition. Most women want to experience double happiness all at once and want to know what they can do about it. There are a number of methods you can use to have twin babies. Before working on having a twin baby, you need to know how a twin child would be.

Twins are divided into two, one egg and two eggs. In the formation of identical twins, an egg is fertilized by a sperm but then separated into two parts by mitosis. Since there is no genetic variation, both babies are identical. What is done to have twin babies ? The twin twins are the result of two eggs being fertilized by two different sperm. But here babies grow independently of each other and do not resemble each other.

When we look at today’s statistics, the probability of having a twin baby is 3%, that is, 3 of every hundred people have twin babies. This rate increased by 61% after 1980s. As a result of the development of environmental factors and technology, there are also factors that are fundamentally increasing.

Factors Determining Twin Baby

Twin baby formations that occur by chance depend on many different factors. The first one is heredity. In other words, if you have had twin babies in your family history, you should look at them. So if you have a twin baby case in your family history, your chances of having a twin baby increase. But twin babies on the male side don’t affect your chances of having a twin baby with your partner. Because women are egg-producing parties, the rate of having twin babies is also dependent on women.

What is done to have twin babies

Apart from heredity, race is also an important genetic factor in giving birth to twin babies. Spaniards and Asians have a very low rate of having twin babies. But especially in Africa, this rate rises even more, and most of the twins who have twins are the Africans after Africans. Body type in terms of height and weight are also an important factor on twin babies. Long women, for example, have more chances than twin babies. Also overweight women have a higher chance. Good nutrition, low and low fat eating habits also increase the probability of twin baby.

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Ways to have Twin Baby

Dairy Products According to a study, there is a relationship between pregnancy and pregnancy. Women who consume a lot of milk and milk products have the chance to have a twin baby more than 5 times more than other women. The reason for this is the growth hormone in the milk.

Do Not Use Birth Control Pill Birth

control pills will reduce your chances of giving birth to twins. For this reason, leave the birth control pills and wait for the body to return to its own hormonal order. Maybe this time you have a twin baby.

Pregnancy During Breastfeeding

If a new baby is born and breastfeeding, the baby you are going to have in this order is more likely to have twins than normal times. Because the hormone secreted by the body during breastfeeding, allows the formation of twins. Feeding your husband with plenty of zinc food Green leafy vegetables stimulate sperm production from zinc-rich foods such as oysters. This increases the likelihood that your partner will fertilize more than one egg.

You can improve your chances of twin pregnancy by trying these herbs as well as natural herbs. Evening Primrose Oil Evening primrose oil is famous for increasing fertility for centuries. The primrose, which provides the proper production of hormones in the reproductive system, can also help for healthy sperm production and twin baby formation.

Licorice Roots By regulating this sweet herb, menstruation and ovulation cycle, it makes it easy to keep track of your days. Licorice root, testosterone and estrogen levels are also responsible for checking. Thus, licorice supports the whole pregnancy period, while the twin baby helps.

Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed oil is used to increase fertility in women and to have twin babies. Licorice regulates the menstrual cycle as well as helps the formation of twins. Sweet Cassava It is the most efficient plant support known for its effect on fertility. It increases your chances of being twins because of its hyper ovulation feature. Strong phytoestrogens found in Cassava help regulate female hormones. Maca Root Maca root, the hormonal order to help women increase fertility. Men with the same effect on the maca root thanks to the chance to have a twin baby increases. You can apply this natural method you can get from the transfer.


Herb is a valuable herb for the treatment of women suffering from polycystic egg syndrome, ie PCOS. The herb reduces the androgen levels due to its effect on hormone levels and helps to create better quality eggs in women. In addition, cysts due to disease adversely affect the egg formation, this herb can double the quality of the egg. At the same time this result doubles the chances of twins. Hormone Supplements For Having Twin Baby The role of natural methods to have twin babies is to regulate hormones. Managing the hormones that have a very important place in having a twin baby increases your chances of having a twin baby. Therefore you can try to take hormone supplements.

Factors Determining Twin Baby

Folic Acid

Supplement A study conducted in Australia found that a woman’s folic acid supplementation before pregnancy increases the likelihood of having a twin baby. Taking the multivitamin supplement with folic acid supplementation can help you breed healthy twin babies, even if the results are also revealed.


Gonadotropin drugs can improve overall egg health and maturity and allow you to have a twin baby. In addition, women can help with the formation of more than one egg, this medication can be taken by prescription-based medication.


Progesterone hormone, the uterus wall by strengthening the twin baby formed more comfortable to hold. Because it is important to have twin babies as well as to hold up to life. With progesterone supplementation, you can reduce the low rate of possible twins. Result Despite their difficulties, every parent who wants to have a baby dreams of having twin babies. But only 3 out of every 100 pregnancies are born with twins. But you can increase this possibility by some methods you will implement. Most of the methods to be applied are related to adjusting hormone levels. You can increase your chances of having a twin baby with natural herbs or hormone supplements from outside.

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