What men can do for erectile dysfunction?

What men can do for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction destroy relationships

A fulfilling sexual life is what everybody craves for. Very few lucky ones get a chance to live satisfactory love life. Some problems might create problems between the couple. Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is one of them. This sexual dysfunction makes it unable for men to get proper erection during lovemaking. Sometimes men get erection but fail to make it stays long enough for intercourse. This makes man feel inferior in front of his partner. Initially men used to stay silent about this disorder. Even men never talked about erectile failure issue amongst friends. But now time has changed and many men have accepted erectile problem as a disorder that can be treated with several treatment options.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Every disorder has underlying causes that provoke the disorder to show up again and again. Erectile dysfunction might occur due to physical factors such as blood vessel disorders, hormonal imbalance or nerve disorders. There are some psychological factors too affecting this situation. Problem between the couple, poor communication or lack of understanding between the two causes problems in a relationship which eventually affects the love life producing signs of erectile dysfunction.

How erection of male organ takes place

Basically when you get sexually stimulated by mean of physical, sensory, or visual stimulation, your nervous system sends signal to the blood vessels that carries blood to the male organ in abundant volume. The spongy tissues of the organ get filled with blood. This causes a hard erection in the male organ and it stays as long as the blood is inside the male organ. Thus in order to have a harder and powerful erection you must need healthy nerves, blood vessels, normal smooth muscles in the male organ that can relax so that the organ gets filled with blood. The ability of the male organ to hold the blood throughout the sexual act also defines the duration of the erection.

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Initially it was a myth that only old men suffer from erectile dysfunction. But nowadays even young men are complaining about this problem. There are several medications that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. The most important medications are PDE5 inhibitor type of medications including generic Viagra, generic Cialis and generic Levitra. These are the oral medications quite effective in producing long lasting erection. Some other methods include using vacuum pumps, penile injections or penile implants. The implant is a surgical method. If the cause of erectile failure is psychological then counseling helps a lot along with PDE5 inhibitor medications.

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