What’s The Best For Your Baby?

Feeding our baby is of paramount importance to us. I always had the question of how to feed in the right way and in a healthy way. If a baby food review should only do 3 things for your baby, they would be making feeding easier, fun and healthier. With that in mind, here is what I believe to be the best approach for your baby.

What’s The Best For Your Baby?

It goes almost without saying that breast is best whenever possible.

Unless there are known medical contra-indications every mother should try to breast feed her baby. Not only is it easier and more economical – no mixing of formula at 2 am. And you don’t have to chase around the shops spending a considerable amount of money, but antibodies against a number of diseases will be passed to baby via the breast milk. And you will of course spend a lot of time bonding with your child.

Also you are less likely to give baby infections passed on by careless sterilization methods or baby mixed formula. And after all, you are trying to raise a human being, not a calf or a billy goat.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t need bottles because there will be occasions when you want to express milk or to give baby a drink of water. And until your baby is crawling around, playing with a kitten or putting just about anything in his mouth, bottles and other equipment should be sterilized.

You also need to be able to keep prepared feeds in a cool place such as a fridge. baby food review

Very young children just do not have a well enough developed immune system to contend with all the bugs that live unseen in even the cleanest kitchen. You can

once baby is crawling at about 9 months of age as you would just be wasting your time. However everything should of course still be as clean as you can make it.

Not everyone is able to breast feed or to carry it on as long as they would like, for whatever reason, so…

What Is The Truth About Formulas?

Unless you are advised to do so by your pediatrician don’t worry about specialist feeds such those without lactose or made from soy. Do take advice and ensure that the formula you use is designed for a baby at the stage yours has reached.

Which ever formula is finally chosen it will have been tested as safe by groups such as the F.D.A. and their equivalent in other countries. So, whether you choose the most expensive food or a cheaper type, the formula will have been designed to feed your baby well. That being said you must follow the directions properly.

Pushing down the feed in the scoop or adding ‘one for luck’ will mean that your baby doesn’t get the formula as it was designed. Nor will over diluting the food to make it go further.

What Should I Do About Sterilization?

Bottles, teats etc. must be sterilized. You can purchase sterilizing units, but if these aren’t available as when you are visiting relatives, you can sterilize a bottle in any plastic tank with the appropriate chemicals. Sterilizing by boiling is no longer recommended or really effective.

Bottle feeding babies with formula will bring about some changes.

Their stools will change in color and be firmer, much more like an adult stool. There is an increased chance of constipation and of colic. Here’s a resource you can consult if that happens.

Breast milk is complex – it changes during a feed from the thin fore milk which gives baby a refreshing drink, to the much richer hind milk, full of nutrition. This just isn’t possible with formula.

Eventually of course baby will want something more than either breast milk or formula though these should be continued alongside weaning food.

Which First Foods Should You Give And Which Should You Avoid?

It is recommended that gluten rich cereals are avoided at first, wheat, barley and so on. Some would include oats in that list. Rice is fine. Meat should not be among first foods and nor should carrots which can be very high in nitrates.

Foods such as avocado, banana, mashed cooked vegetables such a sweet potato or even pumpkin are all good first foods.  Avoid adding salt and lots of sugar. They aren’t necessary. You can of course buy ready-made baby foods rather than growing and making them yourself – again these are prepared to very high standards. Banana is a very useful food for humans and animals. If you are curious about how much potassium in a banana, we recommend you to do research on the internet.

You can get organic foods ready prepared if you wish. Even if you intend to prepare baby’s food yourself it is useful to have a jar or

two in the cupboard for those occasions such as day trips when it just isn’t possible to prepare food easily.

Whichever choice you make baby will at first only take tiny amounts, less than a teaspoonful at first. This can mean a lot of waste unless you plan ahead. For instance if using ready made food only spoon out from the jar what you are likely to need. If you put the spoon that has been in the baby’s mouth back into the jar you are likely to introduce risky contaminations.

What Is The Best Way To Store Baby Food?

If you are preparing the food yourself you can make up large batches at one time and then divide the result into tiny portions which can be frozen in ice trays. One of the best storage options is using the Stay-Fresh baby Food Containers.

Label well or baby may end up with rutabega ( swede) and custard. As baby’s appetite increases just defrost more cubes at one go.

And of course, the easy option is to just go out and buy whatever baby food you prefer.

How Do I Teach New Skills During Eating?

As soon as your baby can sit up independently and has developed a good finger, thumb grip you can introduce finger food. Not only will the baby enjoy the triumph of getting an elusive piece of banana or some grated cheese into his mouth, he will be fed and improve his hand and eye co-ordination.

Teething babies enjoy harder foods such as rusks. Commercially available ones can be very high in sugar, but you can easily make your own by drying crusts in a low oven for an hour or so and they are far cheaper too. You can of course make them from gluten free bread if your baby is still quite young.

What Is The Easiest Way To Let Baby Eat With The Family?

As soon as possible feeding should become a social occasion with baby joining the rest of the family at meal times. By seeing other people eating and chatting he will learn to socialize and be more likely to try out new foods if everyone else is having something similar.

Quite often family food can be adapted for baby e.g. a little cauliflower mashed with some formula, or puree of apple to which some custard from the family jug has been added. If the family are eating something that is totally unsuitable such as curry or other highly spiced food give baby something just a minute or two before everyone else and he will be satisfied.

Don’t Fuss About The Mess

Babies make a huge mess as they try to feed themselves of course. That is part of their learning curve. Just have a good supply of bibs and wipes, a suitable dish and set his chair on a surface that can be easily washed and kept clean. All this makes a lot of work of course, but when your child at last learns how to use a spoon properly and clears that plate for himself won’t you have a feeling of pride and triumph.

Where Do I Get More Help And Advice?

And don’t forget other forms of support – your partner and wider family, your health visitor, pediatrician or general practitioner. All of these people are aware of problems that might arise, decisions that have to be made. They are just waiting for you to ask.

Don’t stay at home and fret – visit mom and baby or mom and toddler groups, invite other moms round, go to the park or playground even if baby is too young for the swings and slides. Having a baby is a great way of socializing. You will make friends and so will baby.

What Do I Do If Other Babies Are Quicker?

You may not agree with everything you hear, but at least you will have chance to discuss things with other parents whose babies are going through the same stages as yours. And don’t be put off if your baby doesn’t quite fit into the patterns you hear about.

There will always be babies that are quicker, have more teeth, cope with burger and chips and so on. But they aren’t your very individual baby with his own timetable and likes and dislikes. This so-called fourth trimester is over so quickly.

Soon you will have other things to think about – choosing schools, trying on uniforms and all the rest. Enjoy your baby while you can. Before you know it they will be tall, independent and all grown up. For more baby food review info, you may want to also ready the following articles…

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