When did your child show signs of autism?

Doctors have not yet found causes of autism disease. It is a kind of congenital disease. If you think your child is autistic, you should see a doctor. When did your child show signs of autism? Early diagnosis is very important in every disease. You can understand early signs of autism in child.

In recent years, the families are asked questions about whether there is a connection between the social or economic reasons of the family structure. The cause of the diagnosis of Autism because of the lack of attention of the child.

Early Autism symptoms in infants

Children with autism do not look at someone’s eyes. They

have a hard time expressing their feelings.(You can’t understand what they’re upset about) Communication with people is bad. Since the first years of life, social contact with peers and adults is limited or none. Can’t play with their peers. They love to liFe routine and they don’t like diferrences.

They are extremely dependent on routines in their lives and tolerant to changes. Children look obsessed and restless. Children with autism may overreact to their peers against their peers in their daily lives or may not perceive some stimuli at all.

Is it not a sign of autism to watch the washing machine for several minutes and follow the wheels of the passing cars? Can we say that this is a strong symptom to guide the parents?

Watching the washing machine for several minutes is a routine and stereotypical behavior. It does not serve any purpose or education. Watching the wheels of the toy cars, watching the wheels of the passing cars and following the road lines are important examples of this kind of behavior. But these findings alone are not enough.

The child should receive support from a child psychiatrist when they encounter such symptoms. Child psychiatry specialist history and other psychological findings should start monitoring and clarify the diagnosis. Early diagnosis is very important for many diseases. Is early diagnosis necessary for autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

Autistic Disorders, as in many other developmental diseases, when diagnosed early, special education support to be applied to the case, the addition of the necessary medical treatment, treatment of neurological problems that may occur with the best outcome of the disorder can take. The social and academic adjustment of the patient himself and his family can best be increased in this way.

Children who have difficulties in social communication and interaction at early ages, who have stereotypical behaviors, who have limited contact with their peers and who have limited interests, should be evaluated by a child and adolescent mental health specialist. The child and adolescent mental health specialist conducts a mental examination of the child and takes appropriate consultations with other medical departments in order to clarify the diagnosis with the findings obtained from the history. Otism Diagnosis is not determined by a single interview,
it is decided on follow-up.

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