6 Months Baby Food Chart And Recipes

BREAKFAST (08.00): 

you can change recipes ,try to have fun with your baby, who is six months old, because of the new food Breastfeeding, 120-150 cc if there is no sachet Continued milk or breakfast + Egg yolk (10 minutes boiled egg yolk starting from the amount of 1 hazelnut size and increasing gradually increasing the amount of 1 hazelnut in 15-20 days 1 egg white) + White cheese (white cheese with salt taken 24 hours before the start of the amount of 1 teaspoon will increase gradually until 15-20 days to 1 tablespoon amount will be removed) + Molasses (Starting from ½ teaspoon of fresh grape molasses and day it can be increased up to the amount of 1-2 sweet spices within 15-20 days) + Home Bee Baby Biscuit or Baby Biscuit (starting with 1/2 biscuit and gradually increasing to 4-5 cookies within 15-20 days .)

Time: 11.00): Breast Milk or 120-180 cc Continuous Milk + Yogurt (Breastmilk, continuous milk or pasteurized milk is prepared according to the method of the first day 1-2 sweet spoon starting amount and increasing gradually in 15-20 days 1 tea glass .)        Lunch (14:00): Breastmilk or 120-180 cc continuous milk + Vegetable soup (Beginning with round vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and zucchini should be prepared.In the first day, start with 1-2 sweet spices, up to the amount of glass.) To make vegetable purée more tasty and more nutritious, you can put a 30-60cc mother’s milk or a 1-2 scale continous milk or a 1-2 scale milk rice, spoonful of milk and milk into the nearest flask to make it tastier. It is used.        (Hours: 17:00): Breastmilk or 120-180 cc continuous milk + Fruit juice (Apple, pear, peach and grated fruit on the bottom of the glass, double-layer cheesecloth from the water after the first day 1-2 sweet spice amount increased gradually starting to 15- Up to 1 cup of tea can be removed within 20 days.)

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EVENING (Hours: 20.00): Breastmilk or 150-180 cc continuous milk.

NIGHT (Time: 23.00): Breastmilk or 150-180 cc Milk pudding (milky rice, milky salami pudding.)

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    This is such a great idea for new parents who need ideas of scheduling and food to feed their little ones!

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    Start with breastfeeding and then when the baby is about 6 or 7 months old, you can start them on baby food.

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