Benefits of Breastfeeding Both Mom And Baby

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  1. Megan watson says:

    Wow what amazing information and such a great article for parents or anyone in general.

  2. Sheela Joby says:

    A very informative article for mothers to be and also mothers of new borns, this article has covered each aspects of breast feeding along with the benefits .

  3. Jeanett Van Wyk says:

    Agreed 200%. I could not breast feed when I had my 2 kids – not at all as I had no milk, but had since become a granny and can relate to every word as my daughter is law was breast feeding – spot on

  4. Mark Santos says:

    This is very useful and informative…great blog!
    Hope to see more of this soon.

    Love from the philippines

  5. Mark Santos says:

    This is useful to mother’s out there..
    Very informative,I wish to see more blogs like this.
    Love from the philipines

  6. RiseUp75 says:

    Benefits of Breastfeeding
    (better than infant milk)
    Yemen YemenCantWait
    Many medical experts strongly recommend…

  7. Rhondda Ramen says:

    Love the information in this article. Great for new mothers to learn the benifits of breast feeding.

  8. Mary says:

    Great article. Im a breastfeeding mother myself and find this information very helpful.

  9. h_eng34 says:

    “Breastfeeding benefits for Breastfeeding mothers and breastmilk for newborn|Infant”, by Health TV.ENG, from this v…

  10. sunbaby_india says:

    ” Benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies and Mother.” Read More @

    Sunbaby BestForBaby…

  11. EmWilly8 says:

    The whole process of breastfeeding and breast milk itself are truly fascinating. Read a new detailed art…

  12. Bonnie says:

    Fantastic information. Everything you need to know in one place

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