Can pregnant women eat lobster? Is it safe ?

You are now in a new adventure, pregnancy! You are expecting a beautiful baby, but you have many questions. How can we ensure that pregnancy is going well? There is a lot to discover when it comes to food. We don’t really know what else to eat.

The question of seafood often arises. Can pregnant women eat lobster? In this article we will see if it is advised to eat or not cooked lobster, then the precautions you should take to consume this seafood properly .After this article, you will know if you can eat lobster or not  while you are pregnant.

Can You Eat Lobster While Pregnant?

can pregnant women eat lobster
can you eat lobster while pregnant

Shellfish and crustaceans, many questions about it. Can You Eat Lobster while Pregnant? The answer is YES, you can eat it during pregnancy. All you have to do is follow a few consumption rules that we will explain to you shortly thereafter. These instructions are important, so take the time to read them so you don’t make mistakes.

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What are the conditions for eating cooked lobster during pregnancy?

The consumption of crustaceans and shellfish is usually limited to twice a week. To eat seafood, they need to be cooked. So in order to eat lobster when you are pregnant, it has to be COOKED. Here is the only condition to be met.

It is always better to buy fresh seafood and cook it yourself and keep it in a clean refrigerator if necessary. Don’t buy shellfish that are already cooked and available for sale.

If you follow these rules, you have almost no risk of becoming infected with listeriosis. It is a disease that is transmitted by bacteria in meat, fish, seafood and cheese. It is only killed if the food is cooked at at least 70 ° C. So of course all crustaceans and shellfish can eat, but in small portions so as not to absorb too much mercury.

What are the benefits of eating cooked lobster during pregnancy?

can i eat lobster while pregnant
lobster while pregnant

Eating cooked lobster during pregnancy provides vitamins, trace elements, … .. The most important is iodine, which plays a very important role in the functioning of the mother’s thyroid and the correct brain development of the baby. Iodine is found in well-cooked shellfish, mussels, fish, dairy products and eggs.

Yes, pregnant women can eat lobster safely. Make sure that it is well cooked, always buy the products fresh if possible and cook them yourself.

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