Can you eat burrata during pregnancy?

It will be a 9 month adventure for give birth to a healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. For your pregnancy to go well, you need to take nutritional measures. Doctors strongly advise you not to eat certain categories of food, but it is difficult to know which ones. For example ; cheese is very healthy and has a lot of varieties. Burrata is also a type of cheese. Can you eat burrata during pregnancy?

You’re worried because you’re wondering if you can eat burrata made from pasteurized milk when you’re pregnant. Or if you ate from pasteurized milk during your pregnancy and don’t know if that was good. Don’t worry, you can easily eat pasteurized milk burrata if you are pregnant.

Why is burrata eat safe during pregnancy ?

can you eat burrata when pregnant

burrata cheese pregnancy

Since this cheese is an approved cheese during pregnancy, there is no risk. The risk of transmitting listeriosis was very low.

What are the risks of eating pasteurized milk from mozarelle burrata during pregnancy?

Eating pasteurized milk from mozarelle burrata during pregnancy does not cause health problems for you and your baby. However, some cheeses are dangerous. You can transmit listeriosis. Listeriosis is a disease transmitted by a bacterium (Listeria), it is generally found in soft cheese, cheese made from raw milk, cheese made from unpasteurized milk …

Listeria are completely cold-resistant, but are killed by heat and thus by cooking. So you should only eat cheese that has been cooked or made with pasteurized milk.

Listeriosis usually begins with a fever. It is not dangerous for the mother, but it can be dangerous for the fetus, with the risk of abortion or premature birth.

Which cheeses are not recommended during pregnancy?

Avoid cream cheese, soft cheese made from raw or unpasteurized milk, soft cheese with a flowery rind (Brie, Camembert, Mont d’Or or some goat cheese) and blue cheese.

Nevertheless, all cheeses can be eaten under one condition, namely to cook them thoroughly to remove all traces of listeria. The cheese must be hot and not just on the surface or just melted.

What cheeses are allowed during pregnancy and why can you eat pasteurized milk mozarelle burrata when you are pregnant?

can you eat burrata when pregnant

can pregnant women eat burrata

You have to learn to read the cheese labels to define the composition and origin of the cheese. You should avoid cheeses that contain the words raw milk or unpasteurized milk. Also avoid soft or semi-hard cheeses. It is always recommended to remove the rind from the cheese to avoid contamination with listeria. Now you understand why you can eat mozarelle burrata made from pasteurized milk when you are pregnant. Raclette is a dish that is often considered. Yes, it is possible to eat raclette, but the rind of the cheese needs to be removed. Raclette cheese must be made from pasteurized milk and perfectly cooked cheese.

CAUTION: We recommend that you eat mozarelle burrata from pasteurized milk during pregnancy, but always check that the cheese is made from pasteurized milk. For example, some cheese wheels are made from raw milk and others from pasteurized milk.

If you like cheese food, we recommend you to read the article about blue cheese.


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