Vitamin D deficiency Risk Factors

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  1. DeutschJill says:

    Do I get Belgian citizenship now that I have a vitamin D deficiency?

  2. TJRicks_TSP says:

    5 Diseases linked to Vitamin D deficiency:
    *Prostate Cancer
    *Erectile Dysfunction
    *Heart D…

  3. chuletatata says:

    it’s often that a decrease in energy is a result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. This is most common…

  4. BibliotecaHUVH says:

    Vitamin D deficiency in solid-organ transplant recipients from a Spanish Mediterranean population. – PubMed – NCBI…

  5. AfaraOhoud says:

    How to prevent Vitamin_D_Deficiency paticularly during the winter season. How to lower risk for vitamin D deficien…

  6. MatijaM_PhD says:

    There may be a link between brain plasticity and vitamin D deficiency.

  7. Jill smith says:

    I had no idea that glass blocks abd keeps the sun’s UV rays. Therefore you abd your children arent getting vitamin D from the sun by sitting in from of a window. Very interesting

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